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Another game day passes...

So for what must be the first time ever, I actually got to a gameday at Panera early. Frankly, I couldn't even remember what time they were supposed to start. Usually I just go whenever I can crawl out of bed, which has ranged usually between 2:30 and 4:00 pm. This time around I had gotten to bed pretty early due to being tired and it was something like 1:30 by the time I got there. It was then I realized, upon seeing no one else, that I had proably arrived too darn early.

Everyone else showed up starting at 2, and there were two new people there which is always nice. New blood is spiffy. We played a couple of easy warmup games in order to ease the newbies in. The new girl had brought scrabble with her, which was an ominous sort of sign from my point of view. She had never played anything other than the standard hasbro and milton and bradley games. I never got a gamer history from the new guy who showed, but I imagine he wasn't a hardcore game player either. We ran them through coloretto and sitting ducks, and by the time that finished, enough people had shown up that we were able to divide into smaller groups.

I had just gotten a buncha new games in the mail a few days ago and it included a card game that I had been looking forward to for quite a while, Gloom. It's a game where you control a family of characters and play life events on them. The goal is to give them as negative a self-worth as possible and then kill them. The one who can create the most depressing family of corpses, wins. When not placing negative modifiers on your characters like, 'taunted by midgets' and 'fell down a well', you're playing as many self-esteem boosting cards as you can on the characters of others. It was a slow start, but as I got used to the game I liked it more and more. I figured the theme was right up my alley to begin with and I know for sure there's a new expansion for the game coming out this fall, always a plus.

Bill and Joe took the newbies and went to teach them the intricacies of Puerto Rico, a task you couldn't have payed me enough money to join. I'm not sure I like Puerto Rico at all, much less wanting to play it with two newbies. In the time it took them to wrap up a game, Bill, Cath, George and I finished 2 games of Gloom, 1 game of Fishing for Terrorists, and I demo'ed Killer Bunnies for them. After the end of Puerto Rico, both newbies decided they had to run. Not that I blame them quite frankly, and Joe and George went too. Cath, the two Bills, and I ran through a game of nuclear war (which I must say, for all the positive things I've seen said about it, really bites as a game) and then one of pirate's cove.

Frankly, I liked the latter quite a bit though the two Bill's didn't quite agree. For one, not only was there dice involved, but random cards too. That was just the death knell of the game for one of them. As for the other, he spent most of the game being everyone else's bitch, which I imagine sort of ruins the fun. At least a third of his turns ended up with him sitting on priate's cove repairing his ship after it had gotten the crap kicked out of it. Cath seemed to like it though and would likely be up for another run if I brought it again. Overall, considering the animosity both Bill's seemed to have for the game, it might be better for the other boardgame meetup sessions with Lori and company.

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