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Origins: Day 4 Continued

So it's taken me a bit of time to get back to this. I got distracted by quite a few other things including a birthday yesterday that involved a day full of events.

Anyway, where did I leave off....

Ah, that's right. I had just finished the KB master's game feeling a bit melancoly at having come so close but failing to win. *le sigh* One of these days I'm going to get myself one of those great won something major at a con moments. It just wasn't meant to be this year. So leaving the game I was scheduled to go to the Knights of the Dinner Table Live Reading. Now, I had heard good things about this from other people, including the fact that there was swag to be had. It might seem sorta shallow but it was this latter detail that really peaked my interest and had me sign up. I'm always up for swag.

What should have been a simple stroll down the convention hall to the assigned room became a bit of a hassle. On the event ticket, the KoDT live reading was listed as TBA. I went to the customer service desk and was told a room location on the second floor. By the time I got there, I was pretty sure I had been directed to the wrong place. For one, it was empty. Secondly, it was a tiny room. I wasn't expecting hoards of people or anything but this is a very popular comic, and I figured there was no way to fit everyone coming into a room that size. I stood around waiting for a bit and actually had foxxtail walk right up. It turns out she had a BESM game in the room right next to the one I had been directed to. After standing around like a stump for a few minutes, I went back to the customer service desk. The guy told me a slightly different room number, the one fox's game was supposed to be in, and said that was all he knew.

So what could I do? I went back up there, checked out the room and realized there was no way in heck the event was being held in there. I stood around the escalator when a group of 4-5 people made their way of it. THere was something sorta familiar about the last guy coming up. I had this feeling I recognized him from somewhere but couldn't place him. He must've noticed that I was staring so he gave me a little nod and a 'hey' as he hit the top of the escalator and made a left. I figured I might as well ask him if he knew where the right room was and hurried to flag him down. As I asked him if he knew where the KoDT live reading was to be held, he gave me a funny sort of look. 'Yeah, we're heading to it right now. Oh, by the way, I'm Jolly Blackburn." For those not in the know, jolly is the creator of KoDT, the one who writes and draws the strips.

Apparently where I had recognized him from was a little line sketch that appears next to his editorial entry that begins each issue of the comic. I didn't think of it as being him since I had also seen a picture of him before too but with half of his face covered and it must've been taken something like 10 years ago to boot. I think this was the first time I've recognized someone even vaguely from a sketch that I didn't know, even if I couldn't remember where it was from. Maybe those wanted posters that police sketch artists put up have some purpose after all.

Anyway, after that faux pas, I followed him and the rest of the kenzer staff into the auditorium-like room across the hall. There they set up and would randomly pull the names of people who wanted to participate out of the hubcap of shame. If selected you would sit at a table and read the parts of one of the knights in a comic they laid out. Afterwards you would get to roll a large 20-sided die and it would determine what you would get for your efforts.

Here's a picture of the first group called up reading from one comic issue.

The quality of the reader as you might imagine varied greatly. The prizes were also not your typical fare. In addition to winning copies of their RPG books and the like there were other things avaliable. One girl won having her name put into a future issue. Others had to wear the hubcap of shame and do the dance while receiting the hubcab of shame poem. The guy below managed to roll himself an ass kicking from all the kenzerco staff.

He got booted in the rear a few times and then someone did a leaping attack off the table at him.

BTW, that's jolly in the green camo shirt there. Not a great picture but it slipped my mind to get a better one at some point. Eventually, my name came up and I treked up there to read. I got to be BA in the parrot pirate strip. Before I went up there I passed my camera to the woman sitting behind me and asked her to snap a few shots if she could. Most of the shots were pretty horrible but below are a couple that were salvageable.

When it came time to roll the die I got the player's primer to Kalamar. Not bad I guess. Certainly I preferred that to rolling whatever number it was that required me to kiss their new intern (a guy) or the ass kicking. I ended up leaving before the event had run its full length. I had my swag and my fun and I figured it was still early enough to find something else to do possibly.

In the end, I went to the card/board game hall to join a z-man game of Saboteur. I ended up being the only guy who showed up so the rep there walked me through a demo of not only that game but another one about warring ideologies. Both seemed to be quite nice and I know that I'll be picking up Saboteur at the very least at some point. He also said he'd be at dexcon so I figure get some info out of him there about other upcoming releases. Z-man games is becoming one of my favorite companies because of their penchant to buy the licenses for foreign games and then reprint them in the US. It's brought me things like primordial soup which I love and I hear will also release reef encounters, a game that I hear great things about. Something to look forward to.

So that was the end of night four in a nutshell. Only one day to go.
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