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Origins: Day 5

It looks like I'm going to finish the summary of the last convention just as the next one begins. Dexcon opens up tommorrow night and I'm looking forward to it. I've been rethinking my schedule there and instead of going to the RPG events I've signed up for it might be better to just spend my time demo'ing killer bunnies and signing up for various tourneys. I might get lucky in the latter and I hear they have some nice prizes. If nothing else I should join the KB tourney and the ones for hack! and gloom. At least I know how to play those games.

So usually it's the last day of a convention when I start to wish I had taken more setup and background pictures. Things not of individual games but more of things like a shot across teh convention center when it's packed or a wide angle view of the dealer's hall. In the end, the pictures are supposed to tell a story I guess and I tend to take shots a bit indiscriminately. Anyway, driving in the last day I thought I'd at least snap a shot of the convention sign. I hope no clue what this is actually supposed to add to the whole narrative, but there it is.

So on this last day of origins, I actually got there quite early and long before I had any events or the dealer hall would open. I wanted some way to cram more gaming in and I was sort of disapointed that it was all over. Since there really was absolutely nothing to do once I got there, I wandered around and spent around 7-8 minutes trying to rest my camera on a trash can and get the timer on the camera to work right. I was trying to snap a shot of myself in front of the origins award statute. This is what all the winners of the origins awards get...much like the Oscar. It took my something like 5 or 6 tries before I finally got a picture where everything was in focus and I had managed to scamper in front of the camera before it took the shot. I have no clue why I can't get the delay to be longer but even when I set the timer the camera snaps the shot in like 3 seconds. You really have to hustle to get the right distance away.

As you can see, I'm wearing my domo-kun hat. I figured it was a special occassion of sorts. After snapping the shot and getting some weird looks from passerbys as I had been racing back and forth between my camera on the trash can and the statue, I wandered around aimlessly. It turns out that I hadn't signed up for any events that sunday despite my recollections. Upon some reflection though, it seems that I had signed up for a kinder bunny game but origins screwed me out of a ticket and it hadn't caught my attention at the time. I had been planning for way too many conventions at the time and signing up for way too many events. I had thought the kinder bunny game was lined up for gencon and only now do I realize it wasn't.

Since there were no events, I decided to go hang around in the dealers hall once it opened and planted myself at the playroom entertainment booth. I got Jonathan Young to sign my Djarnak card and sat around shooting the bull with various members of the staff. While I was there, they were running the carrot drawing for a truly fab prize. Anyone who had won a KB event during the convention got an oversized carrot card and now whoever's carrot deck was chosen would get a set of the first 4 or 5 promo cards in a glass frame. These were all out of print and if you popped them up on ebay individually would fetch at least $225 or thereabouts. Here is a picture of all the contenders.

Jeff ran the final carrot draw and had everyone lined up in order. 'Chelle's husband was in the running since he had won that one KB 'everything' we had all played in on friday. In the end though, he didn't win and some girl with two carrots walked away with the prize. She's boxed in red below:

After the carrot drawing came the drawing for playroom's other promotion. For every 3 games or 3 promos you were involved in you could submit a card with your info. They were drawing from the lot for a $100 dollar playroom gift certificate. I actually felt quite good about my chances for this one. I think I had something like 3 or 4 entries in there since not only had I bought up a copy of just about everything they were selling but had also spent craploads of time there demo'ing games. Crossing my fingers and wishing really, really hard didn't avail me much though. 'Chelle's name was called and she picked up the prize. I was happy for her of course, but I would have been happier if it had been mine :P.

Here's a shot of her and me soon after her win. I spent a little more time at the booth before I had to race off for a last minute event I had wanted to try to get in on. It was supposed to be some sort of ship to ship battle wargame using legos. By the time I got to the room though all I found was a sign saying the event had been canceled. Feh. I spent the last few hours of the convention just wandering around the dealer room trying to pick up some last minute swag. For the most part I struck out on that end, but I did end up buying a few more items including a highly overpriced population deck for nuclear war. I also snagged myself an instruction book from inner city games which tells you how to run a small war game using gummy bears, reeses pieces, and other candy. The chances I actually get any use out of that is almost nil, but I had found a coupon for their booth in the card/boardgame hall and it only cost me $2.

And by then the convention was over. I snapped a final shot of the convention center from the outside as I was leaving and then it was time for the long drive home. I made it just short of getting home (around a hour or so) and it was midnight before I felt too tired to go on. I spent a few hours sleeping outside a diner somewhere before completing the journey and finally reaching home around 5 am or so that morning.

When I had some more sleep I decided to organize all the swag and prizes I had picked up. It wasn't a great haul but it could have certainly been worse. It would have been better if I had actually won some of the playroom prizes but I guess there's always gencon or next year. Anyway, here are some pictures of the swag for you swagwhores out here.

And that's all she wrote folks. Took longer than I expected to tap this whole saga out and I'm not sure who's more bored to tears by the whole thing, me or the people actually reading this. Dexcon starts tommorrow and if you're unlucky, you might just get to experience this whole thing all over again.
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