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WElp, I just got back from dexcon like a hour ago. Took a shower and I'm just about to get to bed. It's been a long long day. So far things have been okay. There was some nice swag that I'll talk about later. The only game I joined in on tonight was a couple of werewolf where as seer, I lead my village to the quickest victory every, and in the second I snowed everyone as the werewolf and won. I also tried the gloom tourney were I got my ass handed to me. It sucked. Just drew crappy cards the entire game and there was absolutely nothing I could do about it. Worse, I had brought my gloom deck along with me and when extra people showed up, I lent it to another table of players. My game wrapped up quick as a flash and I had to sit around for around 40 minutes waiting for the slowpokes to finish. Sucktastic.

Oh well. Maybe my luck in the tourneys will go better tommorrow.

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