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Work to do...

Well, I just managed to crawl out of bed a little bit ago. I didn't manage to get to sleep until 10am this morning and I'm probaly going to go pull an all nighter at the lab tonight to work on a paper I need to get published based on the study that I presented down at SFN in poster format. It's not going to be a pleasant couple of days. I've always been a procrastinator at heart, a fairer term might be lazy bum. Mix that with the fact that I'm only able to really write in the nighttime hours when I'm alone and it leads to a lot of sleepless nights. Or at least it did when I could still handle overnighters. What can I say....I'm getting old. The best years of my life are probaly over and here I am rushing headlong into the teeth of old age, infirmity, and oblivion. Along with the three sisters of doom I find I also can't do all nighters anymore. I find it harder to go without sleep and it takes me longer to recover from sleep deprivation.

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