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Waaaaaahh, I'm sick. Where's the nurse carrot?

The cold I caught from dexcon seemed to have been getting better but just popped back with a vengance. I went to take a nap (okay, it was like a 6 hour nap, but still :P) and when I woke up my throat was hurting again, coughing had started up, and my nose is running. I feel like crap. Part of me just wants to crawl back into bed, but since I'm not sure I could sleep anymore at the moment, I figured I would sit here and tap out a little bit about the convention. It's times like this I wish I had a laptop or something so I could do this while in bed. That would be nice.

Anyway, dexcon was a lot different from any of the other conventions I've been to. Orders of magnitude smaller for one. It was interesting being able to see the same people day after day after day and develop a relationship with them. I exchanged emails with a buncha people, including one who will likely be coming with my game group to see willy wonka this saturday and then stay for our game day. At the end of the day though, dexcon was a victory for playroom entertainment more than anything.

I'll admit right off the bat that i've never seen anything like it. I took my killer bunnies deck there with the intention to demo the game and it's like I introduced alcohol to the indians or crack to crack fiends. It went off like a house fire, spreading and burning everyone in the unholy light of bunnies obsession. I'd like to believe that maybe part of it had something to do with my superior demo'ing and people skills, but more than likely it was just one of those kismet situations. Now, there were plenty of people who just demo'ed it and like other demos I had run, either liked it or didn't and that was it. Around half of the individuals though took to it like I've never seen before. This was extreme enough that I had multiple people I demo'ed to try to buy the entire set a the convention and many others say they were going to. Of the former, I think like 3 or 4 actually couldn't because the dealers had sold out of it. Amazing. One kid (well, he was like 19) actually kept coming up to me during the day no matter what I was doing and asking me to run pickup games of KB or when the next demo was. Of those I demo'ed to at the con, 6 (or so) spontaneously decided to join the killer bunnies tournament qualifiers that dexcon itself was running and 4 actually qualified for the finals. Most of them just played in all 3 games of the qualifiers trying to get into the finals.

So in the end, 50% of the final table of 8 were first time players who I had introduced and who had only played games with me or in those qualifiers which I didn't run but helped to explain the rules and make rulings on about cards. I became sort of the official killer bunnies guru which was a nice sort of feeling. When the game ended, I had only 1 carrot and had picked up a last carrot to end the game. Though it sort of pierced me a bit, I actually passed a carrot and bunny to the girl sitting next to me who had none so she could be in the drawing too. I mean, it was the finals and there was a trophy and prize points involved in this. Still, I felt like the official killer bunnies ambassador and I wanted to make sure that everyone had fun and had a chance to win. In the end, the carrot I gave her didn't end up being the magical one, but I wondered how I would have felt it if were. Oh well. Maybe the next step of self-enlightenment is I wouldn't feel a pang in those sort of situations. Anyway, one of my little proteges ended up winning the game (also pretty much due to me). I had been about to shut down the market and I pretty much mouthed ("buy a carrot now") to those I knew who only had 0 and 1 each respectively. The carrot the latter bought in response to my suggestion was the winner.

I dunno if that is exactly 'fair' and perhaps some diehards would have even complained about that. Still, if this sort of thing would have caused problems, you'll love the story I have to tell about the gloom finals. Certainly, I would have had a much better chance of winning myself and the other players as well if I weren't helping some people along. I just figured it was far more important that everyone had a fun game and a positive experience out of it and nothing sucks more than not having a carrot or bunny at the very end of the game. Due to my last minute pass of a carrot and bunny, at least everyone had a chance for the drawing and it ended up on a very jovial and happy note. The winner, as you can imagine, was ecstatic. We all posed for pictures with the trophy as a group and it was pretty great. We sat around afterwards and chatted for quite a bit and I certainly hope to see these people again.

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