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Dexcon the other side of the force

Well, I told you the positive parts of dexcon. Actually, I told you about the positive playroom entertainment part of dexcon but there were other positives. I ended up winning a copy of a game I liked just by sitting in on a game they needed a fourth person for. I also picked up a t-shirt. There was plenty of sweet, sweet swag including tons of munchkin bookmarks and a complete 6 book boxset of dune. I met lotsa people whose company I really enjoyed as well as contacts to 2 other gaming conventions and the woman who heads up boardgames for double exposure. I've sent emails to all three about GM'ing there and things look pretty good. I also had a chance to play counterstrike for the first time and had fun, though semi-incompetantly, shooting people.

So what is the flip side of the coin?

Well, by the end of the con I was starting to feel a little pissy about a few things. Mostly I think it was just the lack of sleep and that by saturday I had managed to catch a cold. That damn cold is still dogging me as I type this and it was making me sort of irritable. I had gotten to the final tournament round in 6 different events. Hack!, haunting house, bootleggers, gloom, lunch money, and killer bunnies. The prize in all of them was a trophy that said 2005 dexcon national championship along with the name of the game and prize points. The prizepoints were awarded for most of the games played during the convention for the winners and would allow you to pick what you wanted from their prize table which consisted of whatever random game paraphenalia they had managed to get donated to them or other people tossed in.

Anyway, by the time the first final started, I really wanted no part of most of these games. I felt like crap, and with the exception of the killer bunnies final, I offered everyone the chance to 'dice' for the trophy. Basically to not play the game and just roll a die and the high roller got the prize. Not a single person took me up on this. They all offered these seemingly highminded explainations about how they really wanted to play the game but it was obvious it was absolute bullshit. All of them thought their kung-fu was superior to mine and that they had a better chance actually playing than submitting to the gods of randomness. I fucking hate it when people try to cover crap like that up. If that's what you believe, say it outright. Instead, I get buried in manure about how they think we shoudl play because it's fun or it's the right thing or whatever.

The first dink insists on playing Hack! regardless of the fact that it's a mediocore game and was never made for 2 person play. It bites as a two player game. I have a real suspicion about this guy now based on how he acted in a later tournament that he knew the contents of all the player decks quite while and specifically knew there was almost no way he could lose if he picked Bob's deck. That deck just happened to have 2 or more 'other player loses a turn' cards. In a two player game where you only needed 1 and 1/3 of a turn to make it to the exit and win, the ability to have back to back turns is pretty unbeatable. I thought at the time that he had just gotten lucky, both in his player pick and in his card draw, but now I figure it was all contrived. Some of his actions were also a bit suspect. In hack! after you move, the other player is given the chance to play an encounter card on you. I imagine the correct thing to do is to move, ask if the other person has an encounter, and if they don't, move again. I should have caught it but I was feeling too loopy at the time and I had only played this crappy game once before anyway. He just popped his guy along and when I balked a couple moves in, he was like, well you never played one. Feh.

The second finals started at midnight. I also asked if the other two people wanted to dice for it since haunting house is random like crazy and takes forever. Of course neither would go for it. The event was slotted for 2 hours and by the time 2 and a half hours was up the girl on the right is all whining about how she's tired and maybe we should just do it randomly. !$^!^! #%!#^& @%$@. Freaking morons. There was no chance anyone was going to roll randomly at that point. The game was in the middle. Some people thought they were ahead. Some thought they were behind. No one was going to take random chance after a 150 minute investment into this piece of crap game. In the end it took 3 hours and I won.

The third final was in the morning. Another game I didn't care for but had qualified for. Again I offered the dicing option and the other guy fed me a lot of bullshit about wanting to play the game. Since the game had to be played with 3, the guy running the event joined in. This meant that if he won, all we had to do was pick up second and we would get the trophy since he couldn't win the event. The entire game the guy puts on this act like he's trying to get first when it's pitifully obvious he's just trying to claim second to beat me because he wins in the end there. He keeps saying crap like, oh, well he's so far ahead I guess I can use this negative card on you first and him next. Or I guess I just put this negative card here since I don't know which one of you I should use it on and other sort of mealy mouth bullcrap. I was way behind the entire game and decided on the last turn to toss a hail mary. It connected big time. The end score was something like 38,000 for me and 35,000 for hte other guy and I think I made like 26,000 on the last turn. Suck on that.

The fourth final was when I sort of snapped and went nuts. It was the gloom final and gloom, as I descibed previously, was a game I only just started playing that I liked a lot. Really, out of all the finals I was in, this and the killer bunnies one were the only ones I actually wanted to win. The others I had competed in the qualifers because I had nothing better to do and I thought it would be interesting at the time. During one part of the gloom game, I had a card that would give one guy's family member positive points and kill them at the same time. The point of gloom as you may recall is to make your own family as unhappy as possible, give them negative self-worth points, and then kill them to score. I put the card down on his character and then said I really didn't want to do that. The guy was already in last place and it's not fun picking on the person losing. Since this card had to be played on characters only with a specific symbol, I asked around if anyone else's character had the symbol. The guy sitting across from me (who was leading at the time) said his character had the symbol but since I had already put the card down, it was played and that was that. I thought this was a pretty fucked up thing to say and my first inclination was just to pop him one in the mouth. I was already quite pissed about this whole tournament thing by this time. I play these games to have fun and I was getting absolutely no fun out of any of these games. It was all about winning for these whackjobs and it was irritating me bigtime. In response, I dropped a card or two killing the negatively scoring characters of the girl to my right, giving her a buncha points. Turn went around and I dropped more cards on her, killing off her family and winning her the game in a landslide to basically spite dickless. I think she won with like a score of -120 or something while he had -30. He started to say something about how that was weak or whatever. I just responded with the fact that he was all high on the rules and those were completely legal playes. I think I should have added PWNED BIATCH! but I was still a bit muddleheaded from the cold and sleep deprivation. Besides, the jerkoff was obviously a LARPer so he deserves anything he gets. He was wearing some god awful outfit that looked like someone swiped ebenezer scrooge's bedcurtains and decided to make clothing out of it. In the end, it's not like the girl I won the game for was grateful or anything either, which just goes to show that you're pretty much damned no matter what you do. I hope all of them rot in hell.

The fifth final was for Lunch money and involved the guy from final #1. He spent the entire damn game doing nothing but pitching his cards and redrawing. Basically he was fishing through the entire deck looking for humilations and hail mary's. If any of you know anything about lunch money, you'd know this is a perfectly legal play but cheesy beyond belief. This is what makes me think that this schmuck also knew exactly what he was doing in the game of Hack!. There are just some people who will turn what is otherwise a fun game into something completely unfun just to gain the advantage and better chance for winning. That just pisses me off quite frankly. Now, I like winning as much as the next person, but there are just some things I believe in: that the game shoudl be fun, that everyone should have a chance to win (or at least don't pick on the losing people), and that people shouldn't be schmucks (unless you're being a schmuck to a larper, in which case it's not only okay, it's encouraged). No surprise that he ended up winning in the end and I was knocked out as the 5th person gone out of 8. I just think people like this should get a good beating, but that's just me.

The last final was the KB final and I've already described that one to you. This was the ideal game IMO. Everyone had fun. Everyone had a chance to win. No one was being a dick. I just don't understand why every one of the finals games couldn't be like this. People were even helping each other out and loaning money and whatnot. Feh.

So in the end, I walked off with two trophies and a lot of animosity about the whole tourney deal. I'll certainly know better before I sign up for a bunch of these events next year.

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