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Pictures from Dexcon

So while I didn't snap many pictures, I did take a couple. I thought I'd share those few ones here and call the convention wrapup at that. This cold still won't go away and I feel crappy. On a positive note, I think I figured out what that dizziness was all about. Ever since I've been on this diet, I would get dizzy whenever I stood up and I never was quite sure what was causing it. I think I can pretty definitively say it was a blood sugar thing. I started upping my carb intake a little bit recently, mostly through the consumption of some nuts and cucumber. That seems to have completely removed the dizziness aspect. It's still a bit odd that it would be blood sugar related, since the dizziness woudl come regardless of whether I had eaten recently but the facts seem to speak for themselves. Nothing else has changed recently that I can attribute it to.

Anyway, back to the pictures.

One of the games I demo'ed at dexcon was a bumper car game. The actualy game was quite a bit smaller but they had a blowup sized board with special props and pieces that was nice. Overall, I didn't care much for the scoring mechanism of the game. You would get points for bumps and for crossing the lines around the track. The thing with the bumping was that you would score a hit even if you hit someone who was sitting right next to you. It just made me sort of annoyed that the points could be so cheaply acquired. You would think that they would only give you points if you actually had time to build up speed or something. I guess if they added those sort of rules they would have to make the board larger however. I tried a strategy of racing around the track for points and lost miserable. It simply wasn't worth it when people could simply park and push one another back and forth each turn for tons of points.

It was no surprise that I flubbed the game though. After all, I was behind the 8-ball from the start.

Here's a picture of me with my two trophies from the championship rounds of bootleggers and haunted house. The con people also snapped a photo of me with each which will be added to their website at some point.

And this is the killer bunnies finals group shot. Great bunch of people. The guy holding the killer bunnies game, Randy, will be coming with my game group to see willy wonka on saturday and then to the game day. I ended up spending a lot of time with him during the con since he was running quite a few of the events I was in. It's pretty amazing but it seems that I've got some sort of divining rod for gaymers nowadays. I introduced him to Bill and since he had said he had a small social circle since moving to jersey I thought he might want to not only join our group but maybe get more involved in the other groups that people are in.

And here's a picture of all the swag I picked up from dexcon. Not a bad haul by any standard IMO. Not to mention I have 10 prize points I haven't even used that at the next convention I can exchange to pick up some pretty hefty game prize. I also ended up swiping quite a lot of munchkin bookmarks. Enough so that I don't have to worry about wasting them if I actually use them in a game every now and again. I wonder if I should drop a couple on ebay and see if anyone else actually bids on them. I know that I had looked for them on there a few times but never found any. If I wanted them, then certainly others must as well.

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