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Apparently wishes do come true

When you wish upon a penis

This reminds me of all those cases where people have claimed not to know that the person they've been sexually intimate with was really a member of the opposite sex. It's like one of those springer shows. For a penis to actually just pop out of nowhere seems a bit beyond the normal realms of credibility. It's also a pity the person who claims it happened to them wanted it to happen. Maybe it's just me, but I'm seeing the possible hilarity of phalluses just popping up (so to speak) on random women. Man, would that spark a stampede to the nearest hospital or what?

On a sidenote, I was watching a CBS 48 hours trial whozit where they were showing the case of a woman who stabbed her husband 193 times or something. Holy SHIT. I have a lot of pent up rage and all but I'm not sure at all that I could stab someone 193 times. I mean, my arm would have gotten sore after like maybe 15-20. Then you have to think about the blood all over the place making things slippery and I certainly wouldn't want to lose my grip during a stab. I could end up sliding my palm and fingers along the knife edge depending on how I was holding it. She even got him once or twice in the EYES. Man, that takes a big pair of walnuts.

The funniest thing of course is that her defense was battered spouse syndrome. She claimed she kept stabbing him (even after taking a break and getting a different knife) because she thought he was still alive. If he were still alive, I'm betting that he was praying to god he wasn't. And the kicker was that she looked all sweet and fragile and everything. I've said it before but in the light of this kinda crap it bears repeating. You cannot trust women. None of that crap about them being the gentler sex is true in the least. It's like an advertising campaign full of lies and fluff. If you trust them, you might just end up tied to a bed and stabbed 193 times. If it happens, remember I warned you and you didn't heed my advice.

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