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Ginny puts out

So I ended up finishing the harry potter book around 12 hours after I started it which includes sleeping part of the night. I'm not exactly sure how I feel about the book though I will admit I didn't loathe it like I did the order of the phoenix. In fact, after my read through I'm tempted to go back through OotP and see if I should give it a second try. I'm interested in how much the tone and the organization of the novels have changed between this one and the last. Rowling manages to finally instill a bit of reality into her work and I think overall that is for the good. It lets her move beyond that stereotype where for some reason her characters can battle the forces of darkness all while going to class every day and taking exams. It simply made no sense. If some evil lich spent all his waking moments trying to hunt my ass down, you can be pretty sure I wouldn't give a flying fuck what the heck the lesson for potions class was that day. Rowling finally manages to break the pattern of having the daily school activities set the tone and pace, interspersed with moments of action and sanity (sanity because again, only a moron could happily spend most of their time doing homework and crap while the world is falling apart and some ghoul wants to kill you).

I'm also thinking that perhaps rowling should have introduced the horcruxes a bit earlier in teh series. It might have been interesting if it became a long running quest to destroy them through the later series of the books. Instead, potter will have to find and destroy 3 all within the confines of the last book and then battle voldemort at the end. There just dosen't seem to be enough page space unless rowling decides to do something odd and either break the book down into two parts or she completely drops the ball and flubbs it much like OotP's dealing with Sirius's death. Basically you turn around and within a couple sentences, he's dead. I imagine she could do a similar fast forward and simply in the prologue tell us that harry has managed to find and destroy another two of the horcruxes during his summer vacation or something. It would be distinctly unsatisfying.

Lastly, I'm absolutely certain that Ginny Weasley puts out. 6 boyfriends (including harry) in the space of a little more than a year? She's like the hogwarts express. Everyone gets to ride. If you consider they're all 15-16 now, a good chunk of them are probaly sexually active anyway. All the studies seem to show that the average kid (in the US anyway) loses their virginity at something like 15 or 16. No doubt Ginny weasely has been passed around more times than a library book. Besides, all other evidence aside, she's a red head. You know what I'm talking about.

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