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Meat Oragami and Fun with Gummi Bears

The things the Japanese do with hotdogs.

Surprisingly, there's not even a weird and kinky sex element to this. A couple of the inventions are quite ingenious really and if you click on them it'll tell you step by step how they were made. Of course, the directions are in japanese, but it's pretty self-explanatory. The rabbit on the bottom is pretty ingenious and I like the reindeer too. Not enough to actually try this out and make my own, but still, interesting to see.

Form giant Gummi Bear Voltron!

Well, it's not exactly a giant robot but still pretty spiffy. I'm pretty amazed this guy was able to melt down the gummi bears. They never seemed to be things that really melt. I mean, I've left bags of them out in the sun or in a car during summer and they always kept their forms. It's hardly like melting down chocolate or caramel or something of that sort. All I can say is the end result looks pretty fucking cool. It's like a giant jello sculpture. Maybe it's just me but I think I'd like to take a bite out of its head.

The little blurb is also sort of interesting.

$150,000 tuition & 4 years of a college education. His greatest achievement...

Where the hell did this guy go to school that he dropped 150k in only 4 years? I thought even harvard and crap only costs around 30k a year total. Still, this little gummi bear amalgamation may just surpass anything I've ever created and I've had many more years of education.

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