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More proof cats are the minions of satan

5 Kittens Accidentally Shipped to Vermont Sat Jul 30, 7:10 AM ET

VERGENNES, Vt. - A worker in the returns department at Country Home Products got a return and a surprise when he opened a brush trimmer sent back from South Carolina. Inside the box was the trimmer - and five kittens.

The kittens survived the bumpy and hot two-day trip to Vermont and are doing fine.

The South Carolina customers returned the trimmer, a gas-powered contraption on wheels that cuts grass, weeds and brush, because they wanted a field and brush mower instead, said Deb Peters, who works in the Country Home Products returns department. The box had been stored in a barn a mile from the South Carolinians' home, and they apparently sealed the box without looking inside, Peters said.

FedEx shipped the box containing the trimmer and the kittens from South Carolina, and it arrived in Vergennes about noon Wednesday.

"My co-worker Alan Bean opened the box. Something moved. He jumped; and he looked in again and there was five kittens," Peters said. "Three black ones, a gray one and one that looked like a Siamese."

Country Home employees dashed to the nearby Vergennes Animal Hospital and returned with bottles of kitten formula, which the kittens devoured.

The 3-week-old kittens were taken to Addison County Humane Society in Middlebury, where they met Hazel, a black domestic cat whose kittens had just been weaned. Hazel is a now a surrogate mother to the kittens, providing a steady diet until they can eat solid food, said Jill Tucker, executive director of the Humane Society.

This just proves that cats have supernatural powers granted to them by their lord satan. Look at the heat wave that has hit this country. No animal could spend 2 days stuck in a box and survive in those sort of conditions. Your dog would fry to death inside a car within a couple hours yet we're expected to believe that newborn kittens survived without food or water in that sort of heat for 2 days? Bullshit. No doubt they called upon their satanic powers to sustain them and god only knows what sort of havok they're going to wreak now upon those poor, unsuspecting fools.
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