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Well, after a hour of work I have exactly 3 sentences. They're quite lovely sentences which I will reproduce below but at this rate I'm going to have to hang myself to escape this prison I've made for myself. The problem is the fucking's horrible having to dig through these things when I know what I want to say, I know there's backing for it, I just don't know off hand which particular article provides it. The time necessary to go off trapsing to find it takes forever and it dosen't help that I haven't really read most of this background crap anyway. Well, here's the sentences:

Animals repeatedly exposed to psychostimulant drugs, such as amphetamine, display a phenomenon known as psychomotor sensitization, in which the behavioral and neurochemical responses to the drug undergo progressive augmentation. (Robinson and Becker, 1986; Kalivas and Weber, 1988; Vandershuren and Kalivas, 2000). Neuroadaptations in the mesolimbic dopamine system have been implicated as being of critical importance in mediating the changes seen after psychomotor sensitization. In particular the projection of dopamine neurons from cell bodies in the ventral tegmental area (A10) to synapses in the nucleus accumbens play a critical role in the induction and expression of psychomotor sensitization (citation).


BTW, did you know that france's unemployment rate is almost at 10%? This just shows that americans are getting whiney and complainy for no farging reason. Wahhhhh, 6% unemployment, the economy's broken, everything's horrible, someone save us, wahhhhh. Buncha obnoxious leftist crybabies. If the french, the paragon of whiney ME! ME! culture and discontent aren't burning down their capital in response to 10% unemployment I think people can stop bitching and complaining about a mere 6%.

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