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1) Are chocodiablo and soupiecampbell married? What sort of stupid question is that? It's just a basic factual one. Anyway, they're not married to my knowledge but they're both canadian so minus 10 points to both of them anyway.
2) Is jirel your best friend? Nah, I don't think Jirel is my best friend.
3) modesta's hair color? Blonde unless she's gone and dyed it or something.
4) Has jstad dyed their hair? Not to my knowledge
5) If evilhippy had a superpower, what would it be? Apparently it's the ability to crash his car repeatedly yet not die nor suffer any real injury
6) How many monkeys could p3rsp3ctiv3 fight at once and win against? Monkeys are freakishly strong. Most people aren't aware of that. Even a monkey 1/4 of your weight could probaly kick your ass if it was a full on cage match. It also depends on what species of monkey we're talking about. Overall, lets say 2 tops if they're smaller rhesus-like monkeys.
7) How would evilhippy conquer the world? Who knows.
8) What would vala_amaris think of justonephase? I think juju would like pants quite a bit. Of course, pants has either been awol or just posting friends only which I can't see. I think she should have just gone off to college so maybe she's just busy. Always seemed like a nice person.
9) What is jeanie3 allergic to? Not messing with her hair is my guess.
10) What rank would modesta have in a giant robot army? She'd probaly be the one to mop up spilled oil.
11) If bellatoes was a superhero, who would be his/her archnemesis? Errrr, 3rd world man who makes it so that everyone lives in a hut and never has access to pedicures.
12) Would you make out with smallvictories? But....she's a hippie.
13) What exotic animal would tigertalk like as a pet? Maybe tigers?
14) Do you have modesta's screenname? I know I had the yahoo one. Didn't seem to be anything all that interestig from what I recall.
15) Does justonephase have a big secret? I'm sure she has lotsa secrets. Of course, she woudln't exactly be sharing them with me, now would she.
16) If 712 commanded an army, who would be his/her followers? I dunno. Disgruntled gas station employees and pizza delivery boys?
17) Is jstad 1337? I think he thinks he's pretty 1337. He's probaly not far off the mark.
18) What would carlina_elaine do differently in your shoes? She'd probaly work a hell of a lot harder at everything if her efforts for the tavern were any indication.
19) Do you have a crush on fraz_sf? Nah, but she was always nice and interesting to chat with.
20) Does soupiecampbell travel a lot? Don't believe so.
21) What is jstad's shoe size? WTF? Damned if I know. Who the hell would care anyway.
22) Would you set up monamunchkin and tinkersowner? I'm pretty sure tinker';s still attached. Don't know either of them well enough to know if they'd fit together.
23) What would jstad give darkengobot for his/her birthday? No idea, but it'd probaly be pretty cool. I'm sure those two would get along pretty well
24) Where did you first meet foxxtail? Origins. We were in the Killer Bunnies Masters game together.
25) Do tinkersowner and smallvictories go to the same school? Errr, no.
26) Is blackrider23 popular? Well, he's certainly my favorite mod on the gencon forums of the old school ones. Of course, considering the other competators, it's hardly a competition. Even among all the mods taken together BR23 is heads above. He's been a great guy on there and I wish I had more of a chance to interact with him that didn't entail getting my posts deleted or ban warnings.
27) Is mock26 related to you? Nope.
28) Is smallvictories a nerd? She's a crazy hippie.
29) What video game does theneonpenguin remind you of? Don't really know the guy. There is a yeti bashing penguins with a club for distance game though.
30) Is evilhippy athletic? He seemed like a pretty fit guy when I met him.
31) If modesta and mock26 were spliced together, what would it be like? Erg.....I'm not sure but I don't think it's one of those cases where a good combo comes out.
32) Thoughts on carlina_elaine? She gives too much. Works too hard. Someone needs to inject a deal of self-interest and selfishness into her makeup.
33) Would you ever date justonephase? Hey, it's legal now, right?
34) Does jackbonjersey do drugs? I'd wager so.
35) Where would darkengobot most like to visit? Don't see darken as much of a traveling sort of guy.
36) Has yduras been to your house/dorm? Eh, no.
37) Is p3rsp3ctiv3 an emo? Nope.
38) If yduras took over the world, who would suffer? Everyone? How would I know.
39) Is mock26 introverted or extroverted? Extroverted overall I would say, but it's mostly one of those things that he's more so among those he knows. Which is true for all of us I think.
40) Have you ever dated justonephase? What in the farging world is with all of these dating hotpants questions? I haven't even seen an online post from her in like a year or more. Heck, the only even semi recent info I had about her was from modesta.
41) What is jirel's favorite food? Babies?
42) What is thespacecowgirl's biggest flaw? That she's basically vanished into the deep dark reaches of the canadian wilderness?
43) Does chocodiablo know 712? I think she might actually. They're both canadians and live in the same area I think.
44) What do you disagree with thespacecowgirl about? I'm pretty sure we used to argue about politics.
45) Is jackbonjersey related to yduras? WTF is it with stupidas questions like this?
46) What do you agree with jstad about? We actually agree about a lot more things than I ever thought we would at first. Josh was always playing the rebel iconoclast and I thought that we would have very little in common personalitywise. Overall though we've always gotten along.
47) How tall is bellatoes? Errrr, 5'5?
48) When did you last call evilhippy? Never.
49) What mental disorder does soupiecampbell remind you of? Eh, he seemed to have had that classic teen sort of rebelling against the world thing going for a while. All of his posts tended to lean toward that direction. Back then I would have said some sort of conduct disorder.
50) Does darkengobot go to your school? Bleh. Some of these questions really bite.

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