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Just fucking pissed

This sucks like crazy. It just seems that on some counts things just get worse and worse. It's been around a month now since I've had my computer up and running. The death of the harddrive was devastating. I had lost pictures from like 3 birthdays, a graduaton party, two conventions and god knows what sort of other things. Like a hundred gigs of audiobooks went poof, hundreds of DnD handbooks with them, the saved minutae on the computer. Into that chaos, darken offered a bit of hope. When I took the drive to comp USA they said that they could recover the files. In the end, they claimed that they were able to pull 130 gigs of information out of 160 that the drive held. For this service I payed a hundred dollars and was told the information could be placed on either a harddrive I provided or burned to dvds. Right around the time that they had finished the recovery it was time for me to leave for chicago, so I told them I would be back in 10 days and that they would have the files burned for me by the time I got back.

After I returned from the trip I found that the recovered files had not been burned as promised. Instead, when I went to the store I was told that they had placed it onto a new harddrive instead and that I had to pay for it. I balked immediately. I wanted what they promised. A bindy at the store gave me a crapload of attitude and told the other employee to delete my information off of their server if I didn't bring them a drive within 2 days. Basically they were holding my information hostage and I had no choice but to give in. I bought a harddrive from them for $150 and brought it in before the deadline. The files were copied onto it and I was able to pick it up a day later.

I took the new drive home the next day and installed it into the computer. Now, I've installed drives before without any real problems but when I stuck this one in there I was given the message that the drive needed to be formated. This was obviously a mistake. The drive should have already been formated since my data had been copied to it. I brought the harddrive back to comp usa and when I had them look it over, the jackass claimed that I had somehow broken it and that it had stopped spinning. It was all I could do to not tell him that I would be waiting for him in the parking lot after he got out from work so that we could 'discuss' the issue. Luckily his boss was listening and brought him up short, telling me that they would take care of it by getting me a new drive and copying the information back onto it. Dickless couldn't help himself by raising the spector that he had already deleted my information off of all of their computers.

Fast forward two days and they have the drive back up and ready. At this point I had had it. I just wanted my information back. I brought in my computer and offered to pay them a 30 dollar instillation fee for them to put in the drive. I come back later in the day and now they tell me that for some reason, my less-than-a-year-old computer cannot handle large capacity hard drives. BULLSHIT. They installed a PCI card and charged me another 50 dollars for it. They said they would take it out for me but then I would basically have to eat the 30 bucks I already payed for the instillation. I just really wanted my data back so I forked over the cash and just counted myself lucky that this would end the screw.

It's taken me a couple days now to try to get my wireless connection back up and I've then taken hours to try to load all the various drivers and programs I need to get this computer off the ground. Now, remember when I said that comp usa recovered 130 gigs out of 160? One of the problems was that they were unable or unwilling to recover file names. Thus, I had things like 1.jpg through something like 5302.jpg as my files. I always knew it would be a bitch to get everything sorted out. When I finally had things sorted out started looking at the files that I had purchased for so costly a price. What I found is that most of them are corrupted, duplicates, or just otherwise completely fucking useless. I have weirdass jpg files that used to be 1 meg in size MAX that are now something like 300 megs. I thought that with 130/160 gigs that most of my information had been saved. Man, was I completely fucking wrong. I looked through most of the pictures and I found out that almost none had been saved. Out of thousands, I think I found maybe a dozen tops that were of those I had lost, and a good chunk were sized as thumbnails instead of being normal. I can only assume the rest of the files are similarly useless.

I fucking HATE comp usa.

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