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The universe hates quartzie

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Take the quiz.
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1) Would you ever date kahvi? Ewwww! Scandinavian cooties!!!!
2) Is gwendolyn_ your best friend? Not even close.
3) Does kahvi have a dog? I don't believe so.
4) Have you ever dated kahvi? See Scandinavian Cooties
5) Do you think gwendolyn_ is hot? Gwen certainly as a milfish quality about her.
6) Where did you first meet spookykidsf2k? Some sissymeat at noelle's I'd imagine.
7) What would kahvi do differently in your shoes? Probaly just about everything. They're all dirty hippies up thee.
8) cajuncadaver's eye color? Errr...I don't usually stare into people's eyes to register eye color.
9) Is anukat in a relationship? Ya. She's got a husband.
10) Would you set up cajuncadaver and candierain? They've both got relationships going.
11) Would you wrestle kahvi in jello? Man, what is with these sort of questions? I'm pretty sure I'd win, so sure.
12) kahvi's hair color? Blonde?
13) What rank would candierain have in a giant robot army? I can see her running the elite robot torture squad.
14) Is spookykidsf2k single? Nope.
15) Could you see cajuncadaver and anukat together? Only if he's willing to dress up like shreddar.
16) Does spookykidsf2k know gwendolyn_? I don't think they've ever met in person.
17) Is gwendolyn_ dead sexy? I'd have to see her dead first.
18) Where would spookykidsf2k most like to visit? No clue.
19) Is gwendolyn_ friends with cajuncadaver? Don't know one another.
20) Is cajuncadaver a high school student? I sincerely hope not.
21) Thoughts on kahvi? Scandinavian Hippie.
22) How tall is gwendolyn_? Errr, 5'4?
23) What exotic animal would gwendolyn_ like as a pet? Long haired marmot
24) How long have you known anukat? Few years online
25) Do you have spookykidsf2k's screenname? That's pretty much it.

So I did it again with only maybe 7-8 names involved and I notice that once again it didn't pick a single question with quartzie in it. I dunno what in the world the...actually, lets see....

6/7th raised to the 25th power. So the odds that quartzie is never picked in 25 questions, assuming each question only asked about one individual is somewhere around 1.7%. THat certainly reaches a level of significance and we can thusly conclude that the universe hates quartzie. Damned if I'm going to take this quiz again just to see if I can get her name into it though. Sometimes you just have to bow to the will of the universe.

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