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Suing the French

Has anyone thought about the possibility of filing a lawsuit against the French to pay for the damage to New Orleans. Obviously the damn frogs were criminally negligant in selling us a swath of land with a damn city sitting in the middle of a sinking swamp. Due to their callous disregard in planning the original placement of the city, there was a loss of property and human life. I think thus, it should be the frogs who have to pay for the reconstruction. Sure, they might not bear all of the responsibility, but I figure the fact that the city was placed on a darn swamp pretty much means that this disaster was more or less predestined to occur at some point. We could have held it back for a time with controlled flooding and higher levees but what it comes down to in the end is that the french were originally responsible for this. Just to show them we're serious, I think we should lob a bomb at the effel tower. If the first installment on a payment isn't made promptly we can VX gas the population of paris or something.

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