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Expanding technology

One of the things we as a society love to do is to take new technology and then back apply it to all sorts of things. Thing about it. Whenever anything new comes out one of the first things that anyone does is try to work it into items we already have. So when wireless technology hit, the next thing you knew _everything_ was wireless. We have wireless phones, wireless servers, wireless mice, etc. Anything that worked pretty much just as well except it had wires, now had them snipped in the name of progress. When plastic was more or less perfected, everything you could buy changed to plastic. Before plastic it was metal and before metal you had poor schlubs shaping whatever the hell it was out of wood and crap.

In general, I'm a big fan of technological advancement. Anything that makes life easier and also increases the chances of inflicting deadly harm upon others is a positive in my book. That's why some of the most interesting pushes forward technologically IMO are in weapons. I dunno if many of you remember an entry a while ago on a new governement crowd supression weapon that basically is a giant microwave beam. You aim it at the crowd and basically they start to heat up and soon the scorching, unbearable pain causes them to leave the immediate area of the beam and disperse. That KICKS ass. I'm also a huge fan of the lasersight that they've attached to guns. Having gone to a range once and realized the bullets don't go where I aim them, I think a laser sight is a fantastic idea and I wish I had one. All of that being said, I think it is possible to go a weee bit too far in this vein.

I introduce: The laser-guided slingshot

This revolutionary breakthough allows the Laser Slingshot to precisely split pencils at 20 feet, hit cans as far as 150 feet, and hit flying targets with a shotgun spray of BBs (with optional addon shotgun pouch).

Now, if I was just a kid, I would love to have owned this thing. Hell, I practically want one now and if I weren't planning to get myself some sort of something or other that spits bullets instead of BB's, I just might. Anyway, while it might be a wee bit excessive, if you're sitll searching for a good christmas present to buy me, you could do worse than this.

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