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Game day and the house of collectables

Had a bit of a detour lately. I had been planning to start recounting the sissy meet and the trip to gencon but I had a couple other things come up that I couldn't really help. Hopefully those problems have subsided for the time being and things can get to more of an even keel. Because of it, I haven't been sleeping well at all and it's been a tiring past few days.

On saturday it was another game day at the Panera bread. I finally broke out a game I had purchased a while back and never got around to playing till now. Citadels is a card game where you select different roles to play from assassin to thief to king and try to build a city with 8 districts. It was apparently put out as a eurogame ages ago and Fantasy Flight reprinted the sucker a while back for the silver line. That usually consists of an old favorite that they're not trying to charge an arm and a leg for. The game went over well though we only had three people playing, and I think it could only get better with more individuals.

We also ran through two games of alhambra which I just ordered from Alhambra also has like 4 expansions finally making it to the US this fall which I picked up. In fact, I just made a gigantic 800 dollar game order a few days ago. I had always planned to go on a spending spree of sorts since I had been unable to buy diddily crap at gencon. That and because a previous order had been messed up, thoughthammer had offered me a 5% off coupon on my next order. Added to their already substantial markdown, it was an oppertunity I wasn't going to pass up. I let everyone else in the game group in on the order and several people decided to pick up something. Still, over half of the order was full of things I had wanted. It just so happened that thoughthammer was also running an event where all orders placed last thursday would have the profits donated to hurricane relief. Given that, I feel a little better about splurging. The order ended up being so large that I got an email from one of their customer service people later that same day marveling at the size of it. It was so big that they're going to ship the thing in four seperate batches or so over the next few months as the preorders come into stock.

Anyway, after the game day we headed up to randy's place for a birthday party for his SO Bob. Randy was the guy I met at dexcon and then later introduced to all the other Gaymers (Bill hates that) I knew. He started coming to the game days and also joined the ad&d group which was pretty much kismet since we were one player short of being able to start. Bob apparently works for one of the major comic book companies and the house looks like some sort of freaking comic book museum. There are figures and all sorts of collectable crap featuring super heroes and pop culture sort of items. If you put the thing on ebay I am absolutely certain you could easily fetch thousands upon thousands...and that's just looking at the face value of some of these items and not even knowing their collectable value. I can only imagine that a lot of it is sort of insider swag and one of a kind pieces that he's picked up over the course of his career.

The party was quite full of people, and of course the only ones I knew were randy and the guys from the gameday. We ended up spending the entire night in the basement/entertainment room area and playing Karaoke revolution III. Greatest partygame ever. Now if only there were some sort of expandable showtunes version. It's amazing how entertaining this was as the night went on.

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