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Spark Terrorpop

Sunday was the second session of the AD&D group and overall it went pretty well. I seriously underestimated the deadliness of this adventure though. Basically we're being run through one of those gigantic modules that is supposed to take characters from lvl 1 all the way to lvl 20. It's designed for a group of 6 and at the moment we're running with a group of 4 with a NPC tossed in. We should have died this past session and would have if things weren't fudged for survival. The damn dungeon is unbalanced in the extreme for just your average dungeoncrawl IMO. A group of first level characters should NOT be facing CR 4 creatures that can use Dominate and then turn you on party members. A couple of failed will saves was all it took for absolute chaos to erupt, not to mention all the CR3 constructs with AC 21 and sonic cone blasts.

My character is Spark Terrorpop, a Gnome Warlock. He's bad tempered, greedy, and obsessed with acid and burning the legs off of people. I made him a chaotic neutral character, but I'm told I might have overshot him into chaotic evil with suggestions of renting orphans to run experiments on and things along those lines. The party's rounded out with a halfling rogue, a human cleric/sorceror hybrid from the complete divine handbook, an urban ranger and a NPC druid. Hopefully Brian will be joining us eventually when he has more time and is no longer pussy whipped.

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