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Chicago Sissymeet Part I

It's been ages, near half a year since there had been a chicago sissy game night. It was a good time to put one togehter in mid august and oats placed host like always. I ended up hauling over a lot of the new games I had picked up and we ran through quite a number. John and Melissa also popped over for the event and sadly spooks was unable to join us because of a family emergency of sorts. No one ever did find out what the hell happened to frig either. He said he was interested but then sort of fell off the face of the earth. Turns out that no one seemed to have a contact number for him. I had switched cell phones and lost it at some point, and trip had misplaced it as well. Candie also couldn't join us for the game day since she was back east visiting family. We were able to get together with her for dinner a couple days after the game night which was nice.

It seems that no matter what time I choose to show up at oats place for one of these things, I'm always the first to get there. I've tried being just on time. I've tried being fashionable late. I've even tried being obscenely late a couple times but it dosen't seem to matter. No matter when I choose to get there, I'm always the first one and people trickle in afterwards. No big deal though. I took the oppertunity to stretch out and relax.

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Everyone was of course very excited to see my domo-kun hat. Here I'm just kicking back with the hat waiting for everyone else to show up.

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Eventually everyone filtered in and we had a game night going. Here we see trip with his cherry tomato boobies.

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Kat rolled in after some sort of artsy fartsy meeting she had to attend. We chatted a bit about various things including her upcoming wedding and then got to the game playing.

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One of the quick and easy games we tried was Sitting Ducks which is made by the same people who put out killer bunnies. Basically you can think of it as a card game version of Duck Hunt. Everyone has their own duck color and attempts to keep their own alive while blasting away the ducks of the other players.

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Here we can see Kat pondering her next move. As I recall it came down to her and me and frankly, I can't remember who won the game. Not that it's very important either way.

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Here's trip enjoying his ice cream after we finished dinner ordered from california pizza kitchen. I actually got some sort of salad which never makes me very happy. Ordering salad as an entre just goes against the natural laws of the universe. At this point I was still half clinging to the diet. I basically killed it a couple days later when we went out to dinner and I ordered the fried chicken dinner entre with mashed potatoes.

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Then it was on to a game of killer bunnies where I was cleaning up left and right. I've never had so much crap before. Bunnies everywhere, a halo bunny, dollas and enough cabbage and water to feed a whole platoon of bunnies.

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We moved on to mystery at the Abbey, a game commonly referred to as Clue on Crack. Basically it's a hyped up version of clue which dosen't suck like the original. Someone's been murdered at the abbey and it's your job to go around eliminating monks until you can find out characteristics of the murderer and then the murderer himself.

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At this point John and Melissa joined us. It was Melissa's birthday and I hadn't heard about it throught he grapevine until that day. I suggested that maybe we could all go out for a meal and then gamenight but they decided to head out to greektown to eat and then pop back for gamenight and dessert instead.

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Here's a shot of noelle, no doubt accusing some innocent monk of the crime.

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It seems that no game day is ever complete without snapping a picture of pumpkin. Last time around I think someone had draped a white feather boa over him and kat later made it into an icon on SF. This time he's just sleeping like a gigantic orange lump.

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And on to the last game of the night. Shadows over camelot. I really like this one. For one, it's a coperative game where you play the knights of the round table who are working together to try to keep the forces of evil at bay. You struggle to complete quests and fend off invasions. There's a chance though that one among you is a traitor. We basically got killed in this run, partly because I accused john of being the traitor when he wasn't. Bullcrap he wasn't. He was doing everything short of wearing a sign that said 'I am evil' it seemed. I was so sure that he was the traitor I don't even recall who it actually was now.

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Another shot from the game. I know for a fact that it wasn't kat or oats so that only leaves trip or melissa. Really though, half the time the traitor dosen't even need to do anything particularly evil. The game is hard enough that even if everyone is pulling their own weight, victory is hardly guarenteed. I've played it a couple times now and gotten spanked like crazy each time.

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And yet more shots of the game.

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And finally one last picture of oats laughing about our failure to save camelot no doubt.

So that was basically it. That was the game night more or less. I still have pictures of the dinner to post and john, melissa, and I went to the renn faire too a while back. Even more spiffy photos left to caption and post.

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