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Day of Fun

Well, I got to have my first root canal ever today. I was expecting some really good blinding and excruciating pain but in the end, the only part that hurt was the needle for the anesthetic. I also had to make like 3 more appointments. One to finish off the root canal and then more for cavaties and other issues. I guess this is what happens when you don't see the dentist for like 5 years. Two of the cavities are located in a back wisdom tooth that the dentist had wanted to yank ages back. I balked at the time and didn't quite believe him when he said they woudln't come in right. I ended up being right on that score since they all popped in just fine. The problem is they're apparently so far back that they never end up getting brushed and that's lead to this sort of problem.

On another note, the root canal is costing something like 600 dollars while I'm told it only costs around 100 dollars to just get a tooth pulled. I'm thinking maybe it would have been more economical to just have the dentist yank the sucker. I could save 500 dollars that could go toward games or something and I seriously doubt I'd miss the tooth all that much. It's not like it's one of the front ones.

The fun and excitement continued after that since right after the dentist I went for another blood draw. They have to find out if my liver is self-destructing or not and what that would mean for the medications I'm on. The guy who did the draw today was not as good as the woman who I had previously. In that case, I didn't even realize when she had punctured skin. I'm still not sure how she managed that. This time I definitely felt that sucker stab in, though at least it was relatively quick. I simply kept my eyes closed during the whole thing.

On the positive side, the first shipment of my thoughthammer game order came in today and there was apparently a packing error in my favor. They included a copy of munchkin that I didn't order. WooT. I'm not sure what I'm going to do with it exactly, but free stuff is always good.

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