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Fun at Dave and Busters and Sissy Dinner

So on with the slide show. I was supposed to meet up with trip and some other people at Dave and Busters a while back. Of course, the entire thing slipped trip's mind so it was just me and Nate in the end. I had nothing better to do so I ended up trying to abuse their ticket winning games. Nate found a way to pretty much guarentee a 80 ticket windfall with every play. He ended up picking up a martini set and some other crap while I went home with stuffed animals galore. I ended up needing to cart the crap home in a giant garbage bag.

On a later night it was the sissy dinner. Oats picked the place, called Kitch'n I believe which served 70's food with a lot of kitch, as you might imagine. Of course, though she picked the place she ended up ditching the rest of us. We never did find out what was up with that.

Anyway, that should be enough of an intro to the following picture series.

So here's nate at the machine he figurd out was broken. It's too bad that I had so much time at the place before he got there. Until we he stumbled upon his discovery, I was spending all of my token whozits on trying to win things from the giant crane machine. I think I ended up dropping like 90 dollars for the night including food. It was ridiculous. It's like a sick, sick addiction. I just can't leave those damn crane games alone. I have dozens of little stuffed animal thingies around the room right now and they do nothing but collect dust and stare at me in the middle of the night.

One of the things I love doing is taking a picture of the shooting gallery. It's all light activated so when I take a picture, everything goes crazy like you just won some sort of gigantic prize. All the hats spin and the signs dance, and whatever else. It's too bad I can never get a picture of everything activated, but by the time the camera's ready to snap again, everything has died down. Still entertaining though.

Well, this is what I ended up with in the end for my 90 dollars of effort and insanity. It's all still sitting in a garbage bag by my desk right now. Still have no clue what to do with it all. The M&M's were supposed to be for my sister who collects that stuff. Of course, by the time I got around to broaching the subject with her, I found that she had moved on and no longer collected. Feh.

WooT. A view from the front. I know you were all dying to see that. It's too bad that I don't know more little kids with birthdays or something. I could offload a ton of this crap if only there were more rugrats around.

Eh, this picture actually shouldn't be here. It's from when I went out to lunch with a friend and ordered a sundae. Unable to finish it, I of course made it into a giant bowl of soup.

Here's Kat. I actually showed up to the resturant and was on time. I ended up sitting around outside for a bit making phone calls and when I went in I saw that not only did the lobby have leather couches everywhere, but little flatscreen TVs mounted on the coffee tables! Kickass. I immediately stretched out and started watching a rerun of the world series of poker on ESPN. It turned out that Kat had already gotten there ontime but had been waiting inside the resturant. She wasn't able to stay for dinner since she had a previous engagement and had just wanted to meet up with everyone. That would have worked perfectly had anyone else heard of a watch and been able to arrive on time. So in the end, she had to go and I snapped a photo of her so I could prove she had been there. I ended up lying on that couch for at least a good 40 minutes or so waiting for everyone overall.

Well, finally everyone got there. When I say everyone, I'm not including oats who was AWOL. Calls to her cell and home phone yielded notta and I can only assume something came up. Anyway, dinner was pretty spiffy. Jaz was there having jut gotten back in town from long island and sew as well. We started outdoors but the mosquitos were freaking everywhere. I regret not forcing a retreat earlier since I was scratching for weeks after that. It was like a swarm of them and those citrinine candles weren't doing jack crap. As I recall, trip, Jaz, and I all had the fried chicken dinner while sew picked up the meatloaf. It was very nice having starchy carbs again.

After the meal we chatted for a bit and I snapped a couple pictures. It would have been nice to have had more time to shoot the breeze but sew had things to do and the mosquitos were still crazy out there.

Here's another shot of sew as she was leaving.

And I got to show everyone my Utero shirt. I finally had one made as those of you reading the LJ might recall from a while back. It was very spiffy.

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