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Religion, Faith, and the fucking 'Brights'

I spent around 4 hours last night arguing about morality and religion and I have to admit I'm baffled. I'll never for the life of me figure out the rank hypocrisy when people argue about the negatives of religion, that it's based on faith rather than fact, that it's institutionalized brainwashing, that it promotes blind obedience, etc, etc all the while marching blinding to their own ideological drummer. I'm not quite sure how you could view atheism as anything other than a ideology based more on faith than fact. Surely it is still impossible to prove the negative that God does not exist, so where does the certainty that there is no higher power come from? The only defensible stance is a form of agnosticism where you basically toss up your hands and simply admit you don't know. To state clearly and without equivocation that a higher power either exists or fails to exist smells of faith and belief more than fact and logic by definition.

Yet you often see atheists argue that they're more intellectual, or more intelligent, or more logical in their assertions even so far as to have coined a new term for themselves. These jackasses now want to be called 'brights', I shit you not. It's probaly not a good marketing move to give yourself a name that instantly makes other people despise you, but I guess that fact was too much for these intelligent and logical people to figure out. I believe the polls have consistantly shown that around 85 or 90 (or more) percent of the population in this country believe in a higher power of some form no matter what they name it as. It seems almost suicidally idiotic to suggest that this vast majority, not being a 'bright', are 'dims' by comparrison while at the same time struggling for what they claim is equality and recognition. Since the majority of these 'brights' are smelley hippies or pinko lefty whackjobs, I seriously doubt their movement will have much impact on society, thank God (or whatever higher power you care to name). Too bad we can't simply shoot them all.

Another point of contention last night was the right for kids to pray in school if they wish to, specifically I was addressing a court ruling that it was illegal for students to lead others in prayer at a highschool football game. What the fuck?! I don't understand when the small minority of whiney ass bitches took over this country and now have to be catered to by the majority. The way I figure it whoever wants to pray is welcome to it as long as they're not inciting a riot. The possibility that some more schmuck might be offended by hearing speech they don't agree with and thus it must be stopped is bullshit. If we allow the KKK to march and those irritating little teenage communism if kewl jackasses to state their views, I don't see why it would apply equally to religious expression. If schools provide rooms for after school clubs and activities than they should also provide the same admenities to religious activities if the students which to form one. I simply don't understand how supposedly high minded and liberal people don't see this as discrimination. If a school stated that all of a sudden the black student society was banned, people would throw a fit, yet some courts have ruled that students cannot form a christian prayer group or whatever on school grounds. Bullshit.

I long for the day when we put judicial activism in its grave. I long for the day that the constitution is interpreted as it was intended and that changes are made not by judicial appointees who are never subject to the will of the people but through legislation and the use of constitional admendments. It's fucking ridiculous to believe that the framers meant anything else than what it expressly states in the constitution about the state and religion. Congress shall make no law concerning the establishment of religion. (paraphrase) Nowhere did this imply that church and state had to be seperated until one uppity judge or two somewhere got it into their heads to rewrite the constitution. If the people wanted the seperation than as a representative democracy it should have been through the will of the people and those they elect. Not these fucking assholes.

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