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Pig refuses to eat Jews or Muslims. News at 11.

Hum de hum. Is it just me or does it just seem that there are less LJ people kicking around. Maybe it's like anything else, but at times the tree of LJ must be watered by the blood of newbies. After a while, it's just like any board that stagnates. The same old people and the same old thing. Nothing new, and nothing really interesting nor exciting. It's almost enough to want to find some new communities and whatnot where one can go searching for trouble. Like most boards, it's also one of those situations where the vets tend to drift away with time. God knows I've taken a few mini vacations of sorts for one reason or another and there are plenty people on the old friends list that haven't made an entry in ages. Mostly this silence passes without comment and it's just one of those facets of the net. Maybe it's just time to find something else to do. The gencon boards are starting to bore the heck out of me and I haven't cared much for following the news lately. Hum de hum.

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