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Thanksgiving without leftovers....

Welp, I thought I would take this oppertunity to post some pictures of thanksgiving dinner last night. It was the first time I've ever gone out for thanksgiving rather than having a homecooked meal whether it be by family, by friends or a pot-lucky sort of event. The meal was pretty spiffy and came out to 61 bucks a person, pricey but a good chunk of that was due to the booze I'd imagine. A couple bottles of wine and some other assorted alcoholic whozits, all of which I ended up passing on. I took a sip of 20 dollar a glass port that I'm still regretting. Reminds me of a fantasy novel I loved as a kid where one of the characters picks up a glass of what he thinks is wine, takes a healthy swig and spit spits it out. 'It's fruitjuice!' he roars and turns on the serving girl. 'Don't you let it sit around and ferment first?' he asks her. She gives him a puzzled look, 'You mean when it goes bad? No, we throw it out when that happens'. Smart girl.

One thing about going out for dinner is that there aren't heaping loads of leftovers. By the time I got home around 4am I was in the mood for a midnight snack of some sort and of course there was naught left around. Pity really. All day today I've been thinking fondly about picking at a cold turkey or making turkey sandiwches, or my mom's turkey rice, or her sticky rice stuffing. [sigh] Woe is me.

Anyway, I didn't end up taking many shots so it shouldn't be very onerous to view the pictures.

Here's a picture of everyone at the table except for me since I was taking this shot. It was just as the salads and appetizers had arrived as you can see. Stuffed mushrooms and calimari in case you were wondering. From the left foreground to right foreground it's Melissa, John, Ricard, Where I should be, Melissa's Aunt Colleen, Melissa's Mother, Melissa's Father.

Here's a picture of john and melissa. He's looking particularly satisfied about something or other. Must be the full tummy.

Look at the pretty christmas decorations at thanksgiving. It looks like a pointsetta shop exploded. Still it was very nice and festive looking.

This was the painting that was hangning over one of the tables at the resturant. It's not exactly what I think people would want to be looking at while eating, but you never know with those crazy italians. As someone commented, you would expect that the Godfather would be seated at the table under this picture.

And here, finally a picture of everyone taken by the waitress so it includes me. She was nice and cheery but she never remembered to bring me the refill on my iced tea that I had wanted. Richard did some flirting that didn't seem to go anywhere and that pretty much ended the meal portion of the night. Melissa and her relatives then went to Second City and John, Richard, and I went to John's place for a game of axis and allies and then an extended arguement on relgion and morality.

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