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Because I usually never get around to it.

jirel has 'tagged' me a few times with these various LJ whozits and I don't think I've ever gotten around to responding to a single one of them. I remember thinking I would do the one about favorite books or something and then just like all the rest it slips my mind. That being the case, I figured I'd make a special effort and complete this one, even if it is something like 10+ days after the fact.

Rules: Post 20 interesting facts about yourself. Tag people; they have to post 20 interesting facts about themselves and tag another five people. Of course, interesting is subjectively decided by the person writing the journal....

1) I've got two flails in my closet along with assorted swords and sharp pointy objects.
2) Out of all the 200+ boardgames I own, I've probaly only played a single game or more of around half of them at best. A good chunk are still in their original shrink wrap or only opened so far as so I could read the rules and look at the bits.
3) I've always been a big fan of musicals.
4) The diet I'm on is sorta stuck somewhere around 70 pounds lost. I'm not exactly making a herculean effort anymore and the weight seems generally stable.
5) I think that the police should have not only the right, but the obligation to have their snipers shoot violent protestors and rioters in the head.
6) In all the time on the net, I've always used a permutation of my real name as a handle. I just can't seem to use anything else and when I meet people from online I can't think of them as their real name usually. It's always the handle that pops up first.
7) I used to have a gargantuan anime collection that I had downloaded over time. It was around 6-700 cds in size and another 500 gigs or so to boot on top of that. The amount I had actually watched? I figure around 5% tops.
8) I figure there's at least a 50-50 chance I'll kill someone one day.
9) I read a graphlica novel of bram stoker's dracula when I was a kid and it scared the daylights out of me. I kept a free sample packet of garlic salt by my bed for ages.
10) My favorite movie is the princess bride.
11) I have a fear of needles and up until I was 20 or so would routinely threaten to dismember medical personel who approached me with one.
12) I once chopped off the tip of my thumb doing samuari chops with a cleaver. This resulted in a trip to the emergency room, the afformentioned threats, and a counter threat of security being called.
13) As embarassing as it is, I sometimes think everything works out in the end.
14) My favorite pokemon is bulbasaur (and I have a bulbasaur doll on my dresser) because he's pissy.

Alrighty. I think I'm official tired of this. I think 14 out of 20 is pretty darn good considering the track record to date.

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