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And then back again...

Well, after sleeping for around 24 hours straight, I'm pretty much recovered from my little venture down to southern exposure. Overall, it was a fantastic con and I'm looking forward to the next one. It was small but that meant that you had the chance to really get to know the people there and gives everything a different feel compared to the most of my previous con experiences. I'll end up posting an entry to recap the whole thing later on today but the reason I wanted to tap out a little something now is apparently I was wrong.

I had been complaining a while back that it seemed that you just don't get random messages from people anymore on various IM systems. Through trillian, I'm signed up to yahoo, icq, and msn and not so much as a single nigerian money scheme or solicitation to buy herbal viagra or see girls suck off horses. Today however I signed on and that all changed. I actually got an unsolicited message. Of course, the damn thing is in some foreign language so I have no clue what it actually says. I think it might be italian....though that's just a shot in the dark. So everyone take a look at this and tell me what it actually says.

[10:46] marcubogdanandrey: Te iubesc!!!trimite acest mesaj tuturor din lista ta inclusiv si mie si vei avea 11 ani de noroc dak nu vei avea 18 ani de necazuri si ghinioane...Eu va trimit pt ca va iubesc..Pe mine cine ma iubeste???ashtpt ....................... [Offline Message (Tue Oct 04 02:54:37 2005)]
[10:46] *** marcubogdanandrey has added you to their contact list.

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