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Wedding day

Well, last night was the rehersal dinner party and I had a canoli(sp) for the first time ever. Just for the record, I'm not impressed. It was distinctively lacking somehow. I'm not sure exactly what I was expecting but it just didn't match up to a nice eclair or slice of boston cream pie.

Anyway, the event was catered by connie's favorite italian resturant and took place on a small building on the pier. It drizzled pretty much off and on all day and the weather forcasts continue calling for rain today. I snapped a few pictures while I was there and then spent the rest of the night just passing time really. The entire family had shown up including the black sheep contingent from california. Not that any of you will care, but there's been quite a family squabble lately concerning my cousin and my uncle's wife and their presence at the wedding. It has to do with all sorts of things, most of which have nothing to do with the wedding itself. It's basically just an oppertunity to chew over old soup and add a few fresh sallies from both sides and you have a fun little powder keg. After all, what good is a wedding if there isn't some sort of unspoken family war going on behind the scenes.

You really have to give it up for Connie this time around. She's tried to do everything herself fot he wedding but has just really run out of time. Instead of just paying a florist, she and Shelley actualy just ordered the flowers piecemeal and spent a frenzied day yesterday morning trying to arrange them all. I, of course, instead of helping decided to just sleep in though from what I saw of the finished results, it was quite spectacular. I figure she must've saved at least 500 dollars or so this way though god only knows how you calculate the cost of the stress. She was so backlogged with last minute details that she ended up being a hour and a half late to the rehersal dinner. I think what her efforts have taught everyone else present is that it's just better to spend th emoney and let a professional deal with it next time. The amount of frenzied chaos just isn't worth it.

As an usher (I got dragooned into it by my mom) I also picked up a little gift last night. Connie and Jeff went around individually thanking the bridesmaids and groomsmen with little speeches of what the person meant to them and then presenting a little gift. I felt like a heel overall since I really barely know jeff. We've only had like 4-5 encounters and for everyone else in his half of the wedding party, they had been his friends for years and years. I was foisted onto him because mom wanted both shelley and myself in the wedding. I got a little carry case that I think was intended for toiletries but I think can very easily be converted to a card game carrying device. In fact, I'm debating with myself whether or not to bring some games with me sureptitiously to have at the reception post-wedding. It might be fun to be able to play something there once the initial meal and conversation starts to wane. Of course, each time I end up bringing something in a case like this there's either never the oppertunity or interest to actually run a game. It might also be sorta weird if in the middle of the wedding reception I had a table of people playing axis and allies or something.

Anyway, I should have plenty of pictures accumilated of today and the last couple days so there will be a photo burst entry at some point. I'm sure you're all waiting for that with baited breath.

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