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Slept for near forever today. I had stayed up most the night, perhaps falling asleep for a hour or so befor I went to take a shower at around 7am. The one thing I hate most about being back at home, other than the dog hair everywhere, is the low water pressure. Back at home (chicago) my shower is like a fire hose and it's wonderful. Here, it's as if someone is peeing on you for all the water pressure you have to work with. It's insane. I keep entertaining ideas of going outside and just using the hose. Anyway, I ended up sleeping until just around a hour ago and I think I'm still tired. There are times I really wish life had a pause button. A frozen moment without anxiety or pain or the passage of time. Anyone remember that old sitcom with the girl who could freeze time by putting her fingers together? I think it was called Out of this World or something like that. I could really use that power right about now.

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