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It's like homework

5 details about me:
Overeducated and underqualified
Manage to collect tons of crap I almost never use or only use a small % of that goes through genre cycles that have included video games, anime, and board games.
I hate hippies
I've felt over the hill since I was around 17 or so
Make up one for yourself

5 details about my appearance right now:
Weight loss seems to be stable. I've been eating lotsa candy and crap lately because of wedding leftovers (Sister had a 'candy bar' of sorts where people could pack up a takeout container full of various chocolate covered treats)
My hair seems to go through cycles of thinning which make me ponder if I'm eventually going to be bald or something.
My skin is dry enough that it's peeling thanks to meds. Don't care.
I seem to have giant bruises from old wounds all over the place.
I'm an innie

5 favorite movies:
Nightmare before Christmas
The Princess Bride
Lord of the Rings (I guess that's a 3 in 1 so I'm either one over or one short)

5 memorable things I have done or about me:
Wrote and got funded a R3 grant
I'm distinctive enough looking I find I never have to bother to remember anyone. They'll end up recognizing me.
Have managed to not commit murder yet
Is a high GRE score memorable?
Just got mentioned in a dungeon article

5 things that make me happy:
A restful langorious sleep
Rain/snow on a chill night
Getting a really good deal/something for free
A good book
Warm bread and soft butter

5 things that impress me:
Artistic talent, but not the fruity hippie treehugging type
A good singing voice
A sweet and giving nature
Piety and humility
Success through adversity

5 things that don't impress me:
Snot-nosed kids
People on 'My List'
Kitty Chaos

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