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Geek Fest '05 (Renn Faire Edition)

Alrighty, so I figured I would do some catch up and post a few pictures (well, more than a few really) from the renn faire trip. It was only, what 2 months ago, so it's not really all that late, right? Besides, half the time when I pop these things up I figure I'm only entertaining myself anyway. I'm also motivated by the fact that I managed to find my digital camera and downloaded all the pictures off of it. That means that not only do I have a few gencon pictures in the queue, but pictures from the rehersal dinner and wedding as well. If I don't at least try to clear the backlog, I'll never get around to it.

The sad part about the wedding pictures is my digital camera ran out of batteries pretty much after the wedding. The damn thing had always seemed to have an infinite amount of power that it's never been something I'd worried about. I'd charge it up whenever I got around to it and had never gotten burned before. Anyway, that's neither here nor there and has notta to do with the Renn faire. Just a preview of disapointments to come I guess. I'm sure my sister will get the official wedding photographer's pictures when she gets back from the honeymoon and I can paste a few of those up.

So as much as in the past I used to bitch about going to the renn faire, I find that I enjoy myself more and more each trip out. It's really a lot of fun in the end and I look forward to the yearly trip now. John (Mock), Melissa, and I headed out there on the sunday before gencon and Richard was supposed to meet up. To no one's real surprise, richard ended up being a no show because of a car accident or uncharged cell phone or both. I haven't had much contact with him but from what John and Melissa tell him his new nickname is dramaboy. Apparently he seems to keep running into various issues that turns his life topsy turvey. My impression is that a good chunk of that is likely self-inflicted one way or the other. Anyway, we spent a good chunk of the faire trying to reach him on his cell phone which was crappy beyond belief. The thing would never hold a reception and then jsut seemed to die completely after a while. I guess with all the various issues, it's a miracle he made it to gencon without any problems.

When we got to the faire I had my backpack 'o snacks with me. I had packed it up a while back and it contained whole cows of beef jerky, a shredded squid whozit, seasoned seaweed packets, power bars, dried fruit, etc. It was for gencon but I figured the renn faire was a good place to haul it to considering the food prices. Of course the rent-o-guard flagged me down at the door and told me I had to bring it back to the car. I had no clue there was a food policy though I guess it only makes sense. Because i wasn't expecting it I didn't even try to evade him, which would have been quite easy seeing as he probaly only stopped around 1/3 (if that) of the people with bags. A quick entrance and sharp right or left turn would have had me in the clear. I thought it was a bomb check or something though what sort of whackyass terrorists would blow up a renn faire is beyond me. would make for interesting headlines though. Heh.

So anyway, I went back to the car but before we had ventured inside it was time for one of those march of the queens, err, I mean queen. John shouted out something about freeing scotland or something generally disparaging but got a verbal smack for it. I don't even remember the exchange but here's a piece of advice for renn faire goers. These people dress up and get ridiculed on a hourly if not by the minute basis. If they weren't quick on their mental feet with the comebacks, they've at least had PLENTY of time to memorize a few one liners for all occassions. So if you're going to heckle renn faire people, make sure that you're either improv quick or that you're prepared some material beforehand. This is ecspecially true if you want to match wits with the guy at the tomato throw.

This sort of parade every 3 hours or whatever always reminds me of that electric parade whozit at disney world. Of course, not as cool or anything but then again you have to compare the respective budgets avaliable.

I swear, women will do anything just to have the oppertunity to play dressup. I wonder if these morons actually get payed to do this or if they walk around in all that mess for free. It was actually a pretty cool day when we went but this must be hell on earth during the middle of the summer months with 100 degree temperatures. And lets face it, the average renn faire dressup girl is hardly svelt. It must be like a damn sauna in those dresses.

Well, this is either a picture of me approaching the renn faire for the first time, or one of my returning after dropping off my backpack. I left almost everything behind but did take a bottle of water with me and a ziplock bag of beef jerky. When I went through for the second time, rent-o-guard didn't even notice me pass he was busy doing something else.

So about the next three pictures...It was apparently advertising for some sort of entertainment whozit they were having. We ended up passing by it late in the day but I'm pretty sure it wasn't actually time for the show since it was just a couple of town idiot looking guys on a balcony shouting things down to the crowd. It was called the 8 deadly sins or something like that. Apparently they liked lust enough to list it twice.

Normally I wouldn't snap repeated pictures of all of these things but it sorta flashed about something else. At gencon, a buncha forumites were going to go through a TD run together and we had decided to call ourselves the 7 deadly sins. After some sparring, we had even decided who was going to be which sin. I think I was wrath.

Anyway, the idea was that I would take these shots and maybe show it to them before the run at gencon. Of course that idea went out the window after the camera was stolen and what I ended up with was three pictures of these billboard thingies which don't serve much of a point.

Woot. It's sauron. I'm not sure if this was the original armor from the movies or hell, considering the amount of CGI in the scenes with the armor, if there was any to begin with. Regardless, someone fashioned this together and was raffling it off for 5 bucks a ticket. I don't recall how many tickets would be sold but I think it was something like 5k max. I wasn't quite sure what I would have done with it if I had won, but I think it's pretty clear by now that if I haven't been contacted about it that my little 1 in 5000 chance went to pot. John suggested having it put in the family resturant as a promotional gimmick. Frankly, I'm not sure that would have made much sense. Come for sauron, stay for the mongolian BBQ just dosen't have much of a ring to it.

Victory to the dark lord! All hail the unblinking eye!

Awwwww. Isn't that cute? I think they just decided to go steady.

I'm not sure this picture ended up making much sense. It was supposed to be mocking the popinjay standing in front by mimiacing his stance and whatnot. Eventually he noticed me standing back there and the jig, such as it was, was up.

I need to talk to my state farm agent. I was sitting in the living room watching tv when there was this hugeass bang from upstairs. I ran up the stairs and found that some drunken pirate had rammed his ship INTO MY HOUSE! I need to know if my policy covers pirate ships.

Now these are a couple lawn ornaments I wouldn't mind having. When the guy running the shop saw me taking pictures he brought out the third of the set which was one of them dropping trou and mooning.

You know what they say. Monkey see, monkey do.

Well, that was a little more than half of the pictures. I think I'm going to go take a break and I'll get back to it later. Of course, there's always a chance whenever I pause in the middle of these sort of things I never get back to it. The next set up are the combat of the best reasons to go to a renn faire IMO.

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