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Back from Ubercon

Welp, the con is over. In the end I decided to sleep in today and didn't get there until just before my Killer Bunnies event was due to start. I ran a couple games of that and near the endgame of the second, we were told that the clock had struck 4 and we had to vacate the premises. More than a bit abrupt IMO since at other cons the winddown seems to be pretty gradual instead of taking place with the sound of jackboots in the distance. I imagine that has more to do with how anal this particular hotel is than anything else though. Usually I end up sticking around for hours after the official close of a con just shooting the breeze with people about various things but there just wasn't an oppertunity for that.

Anyway, there were good things and there were bad things and then ther were things I bitched incessantly about to anyone who would listen. I figure that unless I fall asleep early tonight, I'll probaly finish captioning and posting up the renn faire pictures and then either start on the ubercon recap and man, do I have a treat for you lucky bastards. I found something at the con that I figure will be a source of mirth for ages to come. All of that will have to wait for later though. I'm trying to decide whether I should just go take a shower or just lie down and veg for a bit. It's been a long weekend.

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