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We're off to see the Renn Faire (Part II)

Alright, alright. I thought about just blowing this crap off and lying in bed and reading a book or just going to bed if I could doze off but I figured i might as well get it over with. It's too bad that I can't just blog through telepathy. There are plenty of times where I'm off somewhere and thinking interesting streams of consciousness but when it comes time to actually find a computer and tap it out, it's just too much effort and planning. That's why I tend to just repost interesting news articles and crap I find. That requires almost no thought and just a little bit of color commentary. Not to mention that I really find most of it pretty darn interesting.

Anyway, enough dawdling. Here are the rest of the Renn Faire pictures. I'm sorta glad I didn't take my camera to ubercon or anything. Not that there was actually anything to take pictures of other than the people I know or met, but it means that I don't have yet something else to have to caption and post here.

So one of the best things about the renn faire as far as I'm concerned is playing with the weapons. At last year's faire I spent a lot of time stroking and murmering sweet nothings to a deadly metal flail that one place was selling. It was all sharp and heavy with the hurty spike things all over. Man, it was great. I just couldn't bring myself to pay for it. This time around there was a large store that sold wooden weapons, and high quality ones at that. They were very well made and sized just right instead of being those little dinky wood ones that they make for kids. I'm not saying I would want to ride into battle with one of these or anything, but at least it has the right heft for all that it's not metal. The fact that it's around a third cheaper than the metal equvialent also makes it quite nice

Here you can see melissa testing out a warhammer on john's head. If it makes a sound like a dropped cantelope, it's a good one.

Here's me going for evil demented face with a two-ball spiked flail.

Like melissa, I like to test out my weapons before I buy and here john offered to serve as the practice dummy again. After noting the impressive performance of the item, I actually purchased it. The flail is sitting in my closet right now where, sadly, it will probaly sit until it rots. I mean, what do you really have to do that requires a wooden flail with sharp spikey bits? I bet I could give a robber or mugger a good shock but I don't see this as really being a classic self-defense sort of weapon. I think I picked it up for something like 45 dollars or thereabouts.

I used to watch a lot of kung-fu soap operas when I was a kid. My mom had a gigantic collection and they were fantastic. I can't believe they were actually made for women like the soap operas in the states but were more like little ongoing mini-series that would span hundreds of episodes. In those shows, there was also magical kung-fu where people shot beams out of their hands and you knew that whoever had the 8' long sword was a pussy while the guy with the fan was probaly going to kick all sorts of ass. Anyway, I used to love the little poses they would do, much like swashbuckling swordfighters right before they engaged. Here's a shot just as melissa and I are about to face off.

Arrrrrggggggg. Savor your victory while it lasts for I will return!

For a little side rant. I hate it that companies can't seem to standardize the size of a blasted shirt. A lot of my shirts are XXL and they fit perfectly. This one that I ordered from cafe press now fits like a small tent and is the same size. WTF is with that?

I tried on a fur hat at another store. God knows WTF you actually do with one of these things when you get it home. I imagine it sits next to the 45 dollar wooden flail you bought the previous year. Still, it might be kinda funny to wait till winter and just wear it around outside wherever you went. I imagine it'd draw some seriously funny looks. Again, while spending a good chunk on a weapon is one thing, spending something like twice that (or more) on a giant novelty hat just wasn't in me.

Those are some sad looking kleenex boxes. The books with eyes were pretty spiffy. Again, it's just not worth the money for something that you'd never really use. There wer also selling these fantastic leather bound notebooks and crap that looked like something straight out of lord of the rings. The question is what the hell would you write in something like lists?..and whether it'd be worth the arm and a leg it costs.

We ran into the queen again while she was taking a breather. Luckily for her, her guards were were alert for any signs of trouble.

As we were working our way out to leave, john noticed two bumblebees boinking one another. He poked at the with his finger trying to seperate them (Won't someone please think of the children?! And in public no less!) but they seemed to want to stay connected.

Just as we were about to leave I sensed something. A stirring from deep within my bones. A sort of genetic or ancestral memory calling to me from across the long and endless generations. They had signs that said 'please don't touch' but blood could not be denied. I was however unable to convince john or melissa to climb in however.

So those were pretty much the renn faire pictures. Hope someone enjoyed them or at least found it semi-amusing.

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