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God damn spamguard

I haven't been receiving email notification of LJ comments for quite a while now and I wasn't sure whether it was a problem with LJ or with yahoo blocking the messages. I assumed it was simply LJ that had crapped up because, quite frankly, I get craploads of spam a day that makes it through the spam filter. Still, what ends up in the spam filter is also excessively large and it's not possible to search its contents. That means it's almost impossible to find a specific email even if you KNOW it's in there somewhere.

For example, I just cleared the buffer around 12 hours ago and in that amount of time my spam mail folder had 167 messages. Luckily Jirel had commented to the previous entry within that time and I only had to search through a few pages of messages before I found that yahoo was indeed sending them to the spam graveyard. Bleh. I flagged the message as 'not spam' but I have no clue if it's really going to keep them coming through. I had also toggled that HTML email option around for a bit thinking that maybe that was the culprit, so it's even possible that it was a LJ problem all along, or at least one with HTML emails.

All of this makes me wonder if maybe I shouldn't just shift my email address. It's a collasal pain in the ass but a person shouldn't get over 300 stinking spam messages within a day. Even if it's caught in the bulk folder it's still a pain in the ass.

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