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Rehersal and Wedding Sneak Peek

So I think on my list of 'to do' entries on catchup, the next should be gencon now that I've gotten the renn faire out of the way. That should be a pretty speeding post and caption for pretty obvious reasons. Actually, I'm not even sure if it is obvious or if I mentioned much of anything about gencon this year before now. Anyway, before I get to that I had all the rehersal and wedding pictures downloaded from the camera and I figured I'd pop up a picture of me from each. I think in general I'm going to just pass on putting up most of the pictures other than a sample or two. I mean, none of you know any of the people and I've always found looking at someone else's vacation or wedding photos to be a collasal bore.

This is me at the rehersal dinner the night before the wedding. Is it just me or does my head seem to be growing larger? I'm also pretty pasty-white in these pictures but there's not much I can do about that. The anemia thing takes its toll.

And here's me at the wedding all dressed up.

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