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Ubercon VI

So overall ubercon went well though there it was quite a disapointment at first. It's been quite an adjustment overall going from gaming conventions like origins and gencon which claim attendees in the tens of thousands to a local convention that is large if it simply cracks a thousand. I remember going to dexcon and thinking by comparrison it was like a family game night held in a closet. The thing was that dexcon ends up being the largest convention in these parts, which means the ones I've been to since have been even markedly smaller. The crowd at southern exposure had been nearly non-existant but I had a very good time overall. There were a plethora of events to play in and I ended up spending a lot of the time with the people who did show up, both staff and attendees. By the time that convention had ended, I felt a part of the staff team and had made quite a few friends I knew I would see at the next double exposure con.

Compared with southern exposure, ubercon was supposed to have been much larger in size. Based on saturday attendance, I would say that there were at least twice as many people playing boardgames if not three times as many. This all occured with a third to half of the events that southern exposure had run. That sort of irked me since, because of the paucity of events and the way my own schedule just happened to work out, I had very few chances to get into any games I wanted to play. The entire convention passed with me only learning a couple new games, neither of which were real winners in my eyes. I spent most of the time just sitting around passing time trying to find something to do. Luckily enough, I knew a few people there who I had either met through the boardgame meetup or through the game days at panera and we spent a lot of the time chatting about this and that.

I ended up running four scheduled and 2 impromptu games of killer bunnies, all that went more or less according to schedule. People seemed to enjoy it and from a post on the ubercon boards: 'Highlight of the day was sitting in on a demo of "Killer Bunnies and the Quest for the Magic Carrot."'I can only conclude it was a rousing success. Running that many demos meant there was not a lot of time for much else even if the schedule hadn't conspired against me.

The best part of the con is that on saturday night when I was sitting around bored out of my gourd, I found someone's discarded magazine on one of the tables. Words cannot describe the hilarity. I'm going to snap a few pictures of the contents when I get around to it and post it on here. It's one of those things that you simply can't believe isn't some sort of mocking parody because it's so ridiculous, but you just know there are crackpots out there taking it seriously. It'd almost be worthwhile to get a subscription just so you could lampoon each issue as it arrived.

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