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The marathon continues

A prequel movie and three and a half episodes later and I'm starting to feel a little bit of BSG burnout. Maybe it's because it's new to me, but it's not really drawing me along like I know new episodes of SG1 would or B5 and DS9 back when they were running. The story is a little choppy and there's really no goal to it. I guess it's enough that all the characters are simply trying to survive, but I keep waiting for them to set something up for a larger overriding plot arc. I dunno...maybe really trying to find earth or developing some weapon against the cylons or finding alien allies in the great wide universe. The whole boomer cylon thing would be driving me bonkers too if I were waiting a week between eps, but after a while I just don't much care. Considering that amount of time has been measured in hours, maybe it's just as well I didn't see episodes once a week. It's very unlikely it would have held my interest. As long as it was sandwiched in with sg1 and atlantis though I'm sure I would have seen all of them if I had started from the beginning.

Really, there's just too much of this interpersonal melodrama. It's obnoxious as all hell. You're here on this antique relic as the last vestige of humanity hunted by some sort of super powerful robot killers and it's nothing but angst and drama. I want to see something fucking blow up already. I want someone to come up with a goal for this show and then I want to see the ship go and try to fulfill it. I don't care about who's having an affair with who. I don't care about long dead sons. I don't care about these obnoxious rookie pilots and this coming of age whozit crap.

It is sorta interesting, but the view of the universe in sci-fi series always depends upon the world view of the series in question. In star trek it's all about the exploration of planets and alien civilizations. Thus, in that universe you can't spit without hitting 2-3 class M planets, at least one of which will have an interesting advanced species. Babylon 5 was mostly a space political drama and thus it needed a lot of various factions and so there were more well developed alien hegemonies puttering around the universe while in the star trek world you only had a few big ones. In the BSG universe there's this need to make the universe seem desolate. After all, how can we feel their desperation if every other planet was fully habitable and they could just park the ship and start their own little colony. How do you paint this alone in the universe idea if there were alien species every time you turned around, some of which might even be friendly and willing to help. So far it seems the only life in BSG is humanity and the cylons which they then created.

BTW, on to episode 5 now. I wish I could say I care about starbuck's little problem but I'm just waiting for this damn thing to finish and hoping that something more interesting happens.

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