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Weeee. Season 1 complete.

Well, it's a movie and 13 episodes watched and I have to say the series is starting to grow on me now. It's finally picking up and there's now a real story arc rather than an episodic soap opera. I hope that it continues in this vein in season 2 instead of backsliding. I've got 10 eps of that downloaded and ready, and the rest should pick up again in march along with SG1 and atlantis.

So far, I'm finding the religious themes sorta interesting. We've got robots and people more or less trucking along with the same religion but it seems to lead them to different ends. They both seem to have a part to play in this bible story except the cylons are the only ones who have read the script it seems. Even without Sharon and Helo's baby, it seemed pretty clear that Six and Guyus are about to do some serious impregnating too. So what do you have when you get a cylon-human crossbreed? Unless they use some sort of age-speeding whozit to explain why they can have an actor play the part, it's clear the kid won't actually play a role other than as a symbol.

Here's a question the BG universe all life originated on kobol. 13 groups then left kobol to form different colonies, one of which was earth. Does that make no fraking sense to anyone else? I assume they want to tie it into our reality sort of like one of those planet of the apes scenes, or the fantasy novels which hint that the world is earth all along. The question is...these people were advanced enough for intergalactic space flight. How in the world did they manage to lose everything of their technology and history and language and everything else, not to mention explain how they meshed into our own history. It might have been better to simply make up a place as the fabled 13th colony. As it is, I just can't see how they can actually work it in in any way that makes sense.

Anyway, on to season 2.

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