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And if you thought normal karaoke was wanky

Pornaoke is a scream

If you thought karaoke made a racket down at your local boozer then you ain't seen nothing yet.

Starring in a blue movie may be a fantasy too far for most couples too shy to strip off for the cameras.

But a new craze called Pornaoke - where punters provide the saucy soundtrack to saucy clips - is proving a massive hit.

In fact, all those who've had a chance of "performing" in front of the audience admit it's a real scream.

Brave partygoers choose from a range of movie scenes and then get up on stage and take the mic.

They're then expected to make the right sounds along to the silent video that's projected on to a large screen behind them, moaning and groaning for all they're worth.

Promoter Mark Taylor, of Capture Entertainment, brought the idea to the UK after hearing about a similar show in Japan.


"It's a fun evening of people getting up, having a bit of a laugh, and a final at the end of the night. The funnier the faces on screen the better it works. You end up laughing for most of the time you're doing it."

One fan, who didn't want to be named, said: "It's hilarious. The crowd were really getting into it and so were the contestants.

"There was all sorts of noises coming out of the speakers. It really sounded realistic!"

I imagine that if you've had enough liquor this could be quite hilarious. It's not something I think that you'd want to face sober.

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