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A weapon of gas destruction

A game day at the Panera yesterday where I managed to play two of the new games I purchased and then the adnd session today. Everything went fine at the gameday and I enjoyed both santiago and candamir. We ended up running through the former twice, which is a game about farming crops on a plantation where only those plots that are irrigated produce. Since there are a limited number of irrigation spots, there's a lot of jockeying for position to not only bid for the most useful crops to plant, but to determine where the new irrigation ditch should be dug. One person takes the role fo the canal overseer each turn and entertains bribes from the other players about what new patch of land should receive the gift of water and thus green veggy life. This leads to a game with a good amount of screw factor and competition since anything that isn't irrigated will eventually turn into desert. Candamir is a roleplaying version of the very, very popular (not to mention prolific) settlers of catan. It was less well designed than santiago IMO, though I'm hoping with repeat plays that more strategy will creep into the game.

As for the Ad&d session, the most memorable event is that the bills' dog had an unbelievable case of gas. I mean, this was the award winning sort of flatulance. I've never seen (smelled) anything like it. You know how some people say things like, adolf hitler was surely evil, but he was an evil genius? Well, you had to give props to this gas. I've never run across anything this deadly. We all thought for sure that he had somehow managed to roll around in his own shit or otherwise had feces stuck all over him. A quick check revealed that not to be the case. Instead, every once and a while a silent but extremely deadly cloud would creep along the back patio. The people sitting nearest would make an exclaimation of horror first, and then the rest of us sitting further away with start breathing very shallowly and sporadicly, waiting with dread to figure out when we would be hit with the invisible event horizan. It was so bad that it literally cleared the room each time as people would flee for whatever exit was closest. Even standing outside with the door open I could smell it. The sheer volume of air it was able to corrupt is simply beyond belief. Twice we actually left the patio altogether and had to go upstairs to the kitchen and living room, calling a break. The dog is a bit nuts and can't be left alone, otherwise I would hae been the first to suggest locking him in a closet somewhere. They came to the conclusion that the only thing he had had differently in his diet over the past day was half an apple bagel and so it seems that apples are the culprit. I suggested it would be a really cruel practical joke to get someone to dogsit after feeding him a bushel of apples. If just a few chunks in a bagel created what we ran across, I shudder to think what a whole apple might do.

The game itself went pretty well. We're more than halfway to 4th level at the moment and should hit it on the next session. On top of that, I've been invited to three halloween parties next weekend, probaly two of which I'll accept. It looks like I'll send the afternoon and maybe early evening at the bills and then move on to brian's place. Jesse is pregnant and my chances of ever seeing him again is pretty non-existant. It was hard enough finding time for him to meet up with me before that happened and he's said 'maybe' to like 4 or 5 adnd sessions each time and then had to miss. I called him today about it and found out that he had gone out of state for shopping. When I asked WTF he could possibly be wanting to buy that he would travel all that way, I was told 'candles and craft thingies'. He's so whipped it's not even funny.

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