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Rehersal Dinner and Wedding pictures

I've had these photos downloaded from the camera for a while now. Might as well pop some of them up now that I've gone through and resized and put them up on photobucket.

The rehersal was nothing all that interesting. WE ran through the whole thing in maybe 15 minutes and then people stood around and chatted. Frankly, about the only interesting thing about the whole day IMO,is that the church had a little signin book and it was kinda hilarious. I noticed that pope john paul's corpse had apparently visited recently and there were assorted entries that looked like they were written in block letters like 'my (insert family member here) who is now in heaven'. Are you supposed to sign in for dead people? How do you even know they're there at the moment? I looked for entries of I.P. Freely's or Satan, but apparently neither had visited in the past few months.

The rehersal dinner was the next night and took place in a little building on a pier in hoboken. It was catered by an italian resturant that is apparently one of connie's favorites.

Here's a shot of the NYC skyline from the pier. As you can see it was a rainy and overcast day. In fact, it was rainy throughout and after the wedding ended it continued to rain for something like a week straight. There were lotsa news stories on MSNBC and CNN and the like about flooding in NJ all over the place and rivers overflowing their banks.

Somewhere in that picture is where the twin towers used to be. I actually had to ask Jeff about that since I have no clue where anything is supposed to be in the city. For all that I grew up so near it, i've spent almost no time in NYC over the course of my life. I don't really care for cities in general. Too crowded, too dirty, too congested. That's the nice thing about chicago IMO. The urban sprawl tends to make it so that people don't all smoosh together. As the only two large cities I have spent any amount of real time in, I am a little curious which model most others large cities tend to follow.

My uncle charlie's wife, his eldest son and his wife flew in for the wedding. They're pretty much known as the evil side of the family, though I imagine that the labels are flipped when taken from their perspective. Kevin (the son) has alwasy been sort of a smary schmuck. There was all sorts of issues this time around that lead to a lot of interfamily conflict and angst before the wedding. Kevin and his wife are on the left and brian (the middle child) and his girlfriend on the right. Brian always sided with his dad and when charlie moved to the east coast, brian actually tagged along and finished highschool here and then went to college in state.

On reason I dislike kevin is that growing up, he was the one I was compared to. "Why can't you be more like kevin? Kevin just (insert some sort of valued trait or activity or whatever)." Well, now he's practically the antichrist viewed on this side of the country and I'm the golden one. Go figure.

Connie and Jeff. Connie got there quite a bit late having run late because she was getting a manicure or pedicure or whatever it was. A lot of things piled up until the last minute for the wedding and she was running around like a chicken with its head cut off.

My first ever canoli. I wish I could say I enjoyed it but it was pretty dag nasty. I should have liked it. It was full of fat and calories and it should have been spectacular. It just didn't do it for me for some unknown reason. The orange peel thing definitely didn't help matters any.

The wedding took place the next day. My mom and grandmother and Shelley had gone off with connie the night before and stayed with her at the hotel suite near the place the reception was going to be held. They had to get up early so that the makeup artist could come and do her thing and otherwise prepare for the big day. That meant my dad and I headed back to the house on our own and would be going to the church together.

Here's a blurry shot the morning of the wedding as I was trying on the tux. I was just sitting around in front of a fan (just in case I started to sweat or something in that getup) and watching coach when disaster struck. It turns out that I had put on my dad's tux instead of mine. No problems right? Well, when I swapped out I realized that they had given me the wrong size vest. The thing was tiny. There was barely enough time to make it back up to the rental place and then zip down to the church. In the end, we just decided to cut it up the back and say fuck it. This also meant I had to keep the darn jacket on the entire day for obvious reasons.

A picture of the inside of the church. Those little flower ball things were put together by connie and everyone else. She decided she wanted to do her flowers herself and ended up ordering craploads of roses and whatnot and then spending a frenzied morning trying to arrange them all a couple days prior. It was a mess, but came out better than I expected. The ceremony was sorta entertaining since the priest kept cracking jokes and things. Since it was a catholic whozit, I found out later that both connie and jeff had had to meet with him well beforehand when they were planning the wedding and actually write essays and crap. He also made some comments about God watching in the bedroom which seemed a little odd to me quite frankly.

My mom and grandmother (her mother).

My dad giving away the bride.

Jeff and Connie with Shelley (the maid of honor) and his best man.

Here's a shot of all the groomsmen and bridesmaids. This was actually quite horrid for me. I popped another codeine right after the ceremony and apparently went from effect to side effect. I rode in teh limo with the rest of the guys and half way through became incredibly nauseous. I tried to endure a ride which seemed to go on for fucking forever. They were going to take additional wedding photos at some botanical garden and there were quite a few times I thought about just asking the limo driver to pull over so I could hurl. The problem was they were all caravaning and I'm not sure he actually knew where he was going. It took a supreme act of will to make it to the place upon which I stumbled off into the grass and began ralphing. I ended up puking like 5-6 times and was deathly nauseous and ill the entire time. Not to mention it was raining the entire time and I was starting to get soaked having to constantly wander back outside to fertilize the plants. It was farging ghastly. The damn garden thing just would not end. There was always another room and then another room and then another room. After that I switched out of the limo and basically sprawled in th eback of the expedition praying for death as we went to the reception. I stayed in the car and dozed off and by th etime I got up again in a hour or so, I was feeling better.

Here's a shot of my grandmother with the picture setup going on in the background.

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