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What is, is, and that cannot be changed

I started thinking a while back during that extended sissyfight discussion on rape about why some people willingly blind themselves to facts that they find unpleasant or contradictory to their own views. A prime example was the furor a couple years back over the book the biology of rape, which set forth a simple premise that rape is often evolutionarily advantageous and that in some species it is not only a behavior but one that has brought about physical changes. The main example used was that of the scorpion fly if I recall correctly (it's some winged insect anyway) which has developed an appendage that serves no purpose other than to grasp a female so it cannot escape and forcibly impregnate them. It seems clear to me that there's few other possibilities that make any sense other than that this behavior evolved because it was evolutionarily selected in these creatures.

The same has been found in a few other animal species and it's well documented. This has not stopped people from railing against these findings however, making some of the most outrageous claims. Some have even insinuated that scientists twist or even falsify some of the documentation because they somehow wish to justify the act of rape in humans. Complete and utter idiocy but there it is. They never see that this deny of truth is synonymous with all the book burners of our past, the ones who restricted information that they found to be personally problematic. Another example is the difference we see in test scores for instance among race and socioeconmic class. People rant and rave that the tests are biased and racist, and that explains part of the difference, but all the studies have shown that the difference is still pervasive despite all attempts to make it culturally and racially neutral. It's much like the difference we see between the sexes in visual spatial or verbal ability. Instead of studying why these differences exist and seem so pervasive, some people just rant and deny that it even exists.

It's like the problem we see in school scholastic scores. Instead of really examining the problem (IMO one of the big factors is that parents are no longer involved) we just keep shuffling crap around and throwing money at it. We already pay more per capita in education than any nation in the entire world and each year a third to half of our students can't even pass a basic skills test. It's ridiculous and something has to be done but the solution cannot be found if people continue to deny the problem and see it for what it is.

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