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Missed Anniversary

I realized a while back that I was coming up on my 2 year anniversary on LJ, and then promptly forgot about it. So even though it's around 3 weeks after the fact, happy anniversary to me. Lets just think about all the things we have to celebrate over the past 700+ days. Obnoxious quizes, pointless memes, and almost an uncountable number of ranty posts about crap that no one reall cares about. I swear, the best part about LJ is that there was nothing better to do anyway. You can't help but get the impression you're wasting your LJ time though. I mean, just think about all the thousands of people out there posting all that emo crap in their LJ and you're either too old, too cynical, or maybe just have too much good taste to jump in on the deal. Mock even just sent me a How to be EMO guide too. Just think about all the lost oppertunities if I were just a decade or so younger and could really revel in the angst that the internet provides.

So, if it's not for drama (or at least not for me), WTF is LJ really good for? It's highly, highly unlikely I'm ever going to go back and look at these entries a decade from now. I know that's what people claim journals are for, but has anyone actually tried it? I mean, kept a journal for a significant legnth of time and then gone back and read it years later? It's almost painful to re-experience. For some reason, anything you have written years ago always sounds extra trite and obnoxious through the lens of additional time. The only way all of this serves any real purpose is if I ever become famous/infamous and biographers, reporters, or partisan hacks are looking for additional information in which to either laud or vilify me. "OMG! We can't elect a congressman who wants to put kittens into a burlap sack and toss them into the river!" Lets face it, what are the chances of that?

So blah, blah, blah and the words pour on.

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