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Golden Gate Bridge Suicide Map

Hmmm, it looks like lightpost #69 is a popular one. It sorta makes you wonder if it was an unconscious sort of a thing or if people thought it'd be one last 'ha ha' to jump from that one. It's also sorta interesting that the large majority of people choose to kill themselves while facing the city. Actually, I wouldn't usually be surprised by that since I'm sure the view of san fran has to be better than than just looking out into the ocean, but this is a suicide here. I figured the whole, staring into the dark abyss would appeal to a larger group of people. Maybe we can even speculate that city facers are people who to some degree are enacting their own little cry for help. I mean, the last thing they're going to see (well, besides the water rising to crack their heads like a dropped cantelope) is a crowded and vibrant metropolis.

You also really have to wonder about the people who couldn't be assed to walk the addition distance to get to the middle of the bridge. WTF is up with that? I mean, unless you're extraordinarily lucky, or a moron, you only try to kill yourself once. You might as well do it right and walk out to the middle of the damn bridge. I mean, christ, why even bother jumping when it's still over land. It's not like smacking into the water at that distance of a fall is any different than hitting concrete. If you're going to do something, you might as well do it right.

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