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Tales from the random side

So I'm continuing to browse through the latest posts lists, mostly due to boredom. It looks like the flood of halloween pictures have pretty much ended and what is left is the generic entries you see every day. What people had for breakfast, what was scored on a recent math test, etc. Every once and a while you run across something sorta unusual in one way or another. So below I present three journals that caught my eye from the most recent set of posts

Most random set of pictures
Looks like one of those people who are pulling most popular images off some website. Seeing as it's all in russian, I have no clue what the other entries are about. That is a pretty interesting figurehead for the truck though. Reminds me of those sailing ships with women carved in the front.

Most angsty and vomit-inducing "poetry"(?) crap
Remember kids, nothing makes it more angsty than different color and sized fonts.

Most lame
The raving about jefferson starship would have already had this journal as a contender but the nonsensical segway into voltron just pushes it over the top.

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