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Harold and Kumar go to White Castle

Two thumbs up. I actually had to watch this film in two parts but I just finished it and I liked it lots. That's saying quite a bit since usually I don't go for stoner flicks. I'm not usually all gungho about the whole support your race crap either, but it is sorta interesting that this might be the first ever all asian protagonist cast in a comedy. There have been a few dramas such as the joy luck club and plenty of foreign films (duh), but I can't think of any action flicks or comedies before this one. Usually you toss in an asian character for color, or you get a whole crowd of them if you're filming something set during the vietnam or korean war. This is sorta like that whole All American Girl sitcom thing with Margaret Cho except this was funny and the main character isn't a fucking stupid skank. Eat a sack of shit, Margaret Cho.

It was also spiffy that it was set in jersey. Getting some of the in jokes was nice. God knows their reaction to newark pretty much lines up with mine based on past experience. So overall, I liked it lots. Enough so that I'm thinking it might be worth picking up on dvd if only so I can show it to friends in jersey who haven't seen it yet. If I hadn't eaten right before watching the rest of the film, I'm pretty sure I would be thinking about a run to white castle right about now. I haven't had a slider in what must be at least 2 years now. The last time was in indianapolis during gencon when frig and I wanted to find a quick and cheap place to get drivethrough late at night.

Still on to 'to watch' list that has finished downloading:
The Incredibles
The Ring 2
Spiderman 2
X-Men 2
Wallace and Gromit shorts
House of Flying Daggers
Shaolin Soccer
Kill Bill 1
Kill Bill 2

Still downloading:
Season 1 to Lost
Matrix Revolution

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