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Two years and seven days....

It looks like I had the date completely mixed up. I had been planning to post today about my 2 year anniversary on sissyfight since I had remembered my start date as 11/30/01. I finally got around to checking and apparently I was off by a week. Oh well, not that it really matters in the end.

Two years is a long time but it really dosen't feel like I've been on the site that long. It's too bad someone hasn't been silently taking notes during that time. Wouldn't it be nice to know how many flames I've written, how many obsenities have I used, etc. So was it all worth it? Who knows really. I'm certain that if I wasn't on sissyfight, I would have found something else to occupy my time. Perhaps I would have gone back to MUDs or IRC without it. What other doors closed when this one opened and should I have walked through it.

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