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A more efficient way of consuming God's creatures

Order Placed :Thursday 03 November, 2005
Order Number :W126235

Cat # Product Name Qty x Price = Line Total
5023 Turducken with Seafood Jambalaya 1 x $61.95 = $61.95
Sub-Total: $61.95
Shipping Cost(GROUND): $23.40
Total: $85.35

This completes your order.

So I finally ordered myself a turducken. It should be shipped home in a freeze dried package and then it just has to sit around until it's ready to be cooked and eaten. It turns out that my cousins have wanted to try one of these things too for quite a while and it came up a few months ago in random conversation. I'm almost tempted to have someone stuff the thing into a side of beef when it arrives just so I can see how many more animals I can get into the mix. I wonder if anyone has ever tried deboning a cow.

Anyway, it's not as if I actually have to do anything to receive the thing or prepare it or anything. I should be going to a local con, then socal for a week, and then right off to thanksgiving after that. If it goes over well I figure I can alwyas snag another for the next holiday. God knows that it's never going to be worth the effort to make one of these things yourself.

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