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The Ring II

More enjoyable than being kicked in the nuts. I get the impression that having seen The Matrix: Revolutions is going to positively color all of the movies I see in the near future. I spent most of my time watching the ring sequel bored out of my mind, which isn't exactly a ringing endorsement for a movie that is supposed to be a horror/thriller. You get the impression they didn't even try to make it terrifying and it had none of the suspenseful dread of the first. There weren't even any really good pop out at your scenes really. In the first one when she came out of the TV I freaked.

I'm also not quite sure why whoever wrote the screenplay for it continued that whole is she really really evil or just abuse theme from the first one. I didn't buy it then and it seems even the main character learned her lesson this time around and defected. In the first when she waxes on about how samara just wanted someone to hear her down in the well with a 'aw shucks, all is forgiven' I was pretty pissed. I remember thinking to myself WTF about all the people she killed and sure she had it tough but I think it's time to get an exorcist and a few refrains of the power of christ compels you and holy water. It was nice to see that in the end, it did twist in that direction. This time though they continued throwing those curveballs as if there were still some sort of moral ambiguity. Oh, she just wants a mother to love her and crap. Did anyone buy that for a second this time around?

One thing in common this shares with the matrix is that I got the impression there could have been a deeper and more profound story in there somewhere, but someone didn't want to take the time and risks to pull it out. Instead it was just the trite old standard sequel crap.

Oh, and just so everyone knows it's not all gloom and doom, I also saw the incredibles last night and thought it was fantastic. It went above and beyond in crafting a story and managed to miss just about every single stereotype I ahd going in. The fact that they focused on the family dynamics angle for well over half the movie rather than the wham bam of any superhero film was remarkable. Two thumbs up there.

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